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Halloween is a time to experiment with beauty looks, whether that means adorning a wild costume or attempting an illusion makeup look.

One of the most common makeup creations for Halloween are skeletons, but these 10 artsy versions are anything but basic. With a full month before the scary holiday, there's plenty of time to practice these stunning and artistic skeletal looks. 

In the meantime, start getting into the spirit with a scary movie marathon, or decorating the house in extravagant ornaments.

This intricate lip detail is super subtle. 

For a subtle look at a Halloween bash, try this tiny skull lip embellishment. With a steady hand, paint on a tiny skull onto your bottom lip. Use a blood red or purple-ish black shade for the white skeleton to really stand out.

Who says you have to choose between animal print or skeletal makeup?

Adding touches of leopard to the contour of this skull makes this skeleton makeup really stand out. This would be a great addition to a last minute animal Halloween ensemble. Just grab cat ears and attempt this makeup look for a cool costume. 

This abstract water half-skull is great for water signs. 

We may be deep into air sign Libra's season, but that doesn't mean Cancer, Scorpio, or Pisces babies can't get involved. The stunning water droplets make up a half-skull on this makeup artist's face. Plus, the eyeshadow is absolutely on point. 

This adorable hanging skeleton is as cute as it is scary. 

One on trend makeup look is using eyeshadow to create a scene, especially one that dangles below the eye. This tiny skeleton is hanging on for dear life on this makeup artist's on-fleek eyeshadow. Plus, it looks like a few little ghosts are in on the fun, too. 

A rainbow skeleton is a perfect over-the-top style. 

No costume is necessary with this extravagant rainbow style. Use black body paint to let the skeleton shape stand out even more. Add a rainbow wig and plenty of sparkles to complete the overall look. 

This pumpkin skeleton is actually so frightening. 

Using pitch black makeup, this artist carved out a wide and creepy jack-o-lantern smile. Orange and black are the iconic Halloween colors, so this is very appropriate for the holiday. Not to mention how the purposefully messy eye makeup adds to the creepy vibe. 

It's easy to focus on the creepy features of this artist's face makeup, but take a look at the intricate details of her skeletal hand. 

This artist has mastered the skeleton hand makeup, and honestly it makes the whole look that much creepier. If applying extreme skeleton makeup looks, don't slack on the details of the hands, feet, and neck. That could truly make or break the overall style. 

This skeleton bridal makeup is perfect for a goth wedding. 

A goth wedding on Halloween calls for this creepy half-skeleton face. The stunning and traditional smokey eye is contrasted with the grey, cloudy contact lens and carved out face on the other side. A skeleton bride could also make for a really cool Halloween costume. 

Illusion makeup artist, @illusionsiv, creates double-take inducing makeup looks. 

This Jack Skellington recreation looks so realistic, I feel like I'm looking at a scene from the movie. Nightmare Before Christmas fans need to see this look, and be inspired to create something similar. These incredible skills will be hard to match, though.

Another Tim Burton illusion, Emily from The Corpse Bride, is a beautiful makeup look by the artist. 

Technically, the undead bride is a skeleton or, at least, a rotting corpse. That is, until she's awoken by Victor on his wedding night. This artist nails the zombie bride's look perfectly, including her unnaturally large eyes.

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