Joe Jonas Sophie Turner
photo: Getty Images

Joe Jonas is proving to be quite the good sport as he stays in the house with wife Sophie Turner. These days, he's indulging in her new experiments in the kitchen and now even with makeup. She did his makeup and posted it to Instagram, and the results are hilarious. 

While he didn't seem to enjoy it, he does look quite nice.

Sophie Turner and Joe Jonas are tucked away at home.

Like the rest of us, they're slowly running out of ideas of what to do. To pass the time they've been cooking, baking, playing video games, and simply enjoying each other's company. However, it seems like the duo has a serious case of cabin fever, something everyone can relate to right now.

And now that cabin fever seems to have peaked with a husband makeover.

Sophie Turner Joe Jonas
photo: Instagram/Sophie Turner

Turner turned her makeup brush on her husband, giving him a lavender eye makeover, that by the looks of it, he wasn't enjoying too much. The two-toned look that appeared to have hints of pink surely wasn't the look we're used to seeing on Jonas. Nonetheless, he let his wife have her way.

There was even a highlight.

Sophie Turner Joe Jonas
photo: Instagram/Sophie Turner

She didn't stop at the eye. Turner, who's often in full glam, also set the look off with a shimmery highlight on the high points of Jonas' cheeks. 

We often know the phrase "happy wife, happy life," and in this case, that surely fits.