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Hell, your lips don't even have to be filled in for it to look good.

It works on every lip shape.

And with every color imaginable.

Subtle nude shades? You betcha.

Bright mattes? YAS.

Vampy red? Duh.

Fitzpatrick doesn't do this look on just herself, either. It looks phenomenal on all of her models.

Even when it's barely noticeable.

But what fun is subtle when you could look like you literally just drank the blood of your enemies?

The internet seems to agree — soul eater lips are slowly starting to take over Instagram.

#souleaterlips is chock full of creative iterations of Fitzpatrick's invention.

People are wearing this in everyday life.

That's the sign a truly powerful trend, folks.

Even other professional makeup artists are giving it a spin on the job.

But no one does it quite like its creator.

Teach us your ways, Kelseyanna. 

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