Storybook Cosmetics teased a Star Wars makeup collaboration all the way back in October 2018, so at this point, fans were starting to think it may never happen.

But then in early April, the brand confirmed the collaboration was in the "APPROVAL STAGE (followed by production)."  

Now, in even more exciting news, Storybook Cosmetics is backing up its Star Wars tease with an announcement about what the product will be.

Yes, people, a Star Wars and Storybook Cosmetics collab is a REAL thing happening.

The brand made a Star Wars Lightsaber brush set it announced on the unofficial Star Wars holiday, May the Fourth.

The Star Wars Lightsaber brush set will be available for pre-order "in the following days," according to Storybook Cosmetics.

There's no price released yet, but fans have been waiting on this Star Wars blessing for FOREVER and are ready to drop coins based off the product teaser alone! 

Who's ready to throw a Star Wars blending party, though?!

photo: Giphy

Stay tuned for more details about the Star Wars Lightsaber brush set release!