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The most confusing part about all of this is that Stila Cosmetics just had a skin darkening scandal in November 2018. 

Beauty YouTuber xsparkage exposed Stila Cosmetics for sending some very questionable swatches to the beauty blog, Temptalia. At first glance, the swatch photos appeared like normal. Just another glittery day at the Stila Cosmetics office, right? Wrong.

Xsparkage pointed out that the eyebrows, patchy spots, and even the brow hairs were way too similar to actually be different models.

This was no conspiracy theory. Stila Cosmetics actually owned up to the skin altering accusations but said that the photos were "unapproved."

"We apologize that an unapproved image which was not reflective of the brand or collection was recently featured," the brand shared on its social media platforms. 

"It was a creative mistake and we acknowledge it was a mistake on our part and should not have happened. The final campaign did include two models," Stila Cosmetics explained. 

The brand also confirmed that it would reveal the correct product images. 

"Over the next few days we will be sharing a full range of images from the campaign that truly reflect what we stand for," Stila Cosmetics wrote on Twitter.

Stila Cosmetics also made sure to explain that it does not discriminate against people of any skin tone or race. 

"As a brand we support all ethnicities and skin tones to celebrate individual beauty and apologize if our creative was not representative as such," it wrote online. 

But if the brand was truly sorry in November 2018, then why are fans spotting photos of darkened models in the Stila Cosmetic store displays in 2019? 

photo: NBC

How does a brand that supports "all ethnicities and skin tones to celebrate individual beauty" continue to circulate images of a white person with a darker look ... by accident? And without that model's consent?

Stila Cosmetics has more explaining to do. 

photo: Bravo

I predict another series of apology tweets if fans keep rattling cans about this skin color messiness. Brands are always sorry when they are called out, right? To help Stila Cosmetics out with this one, below are a few questions I hope will be answered: 

Who at the Stila Cosmetics headquarters made the faux pas this time? Or was it the printing press?

Why, after such a huge scandal in 2018, have you been so careless? 

How are your customers supposed to believe this was an accident AGAIN? 

Which brands do you recommend your unforgiving ex-fans start shopping in your place? 

Don't offer up any apology lacking the answers to these questions, Stila Cosmetics. Please and thanks.