Tarte Cosmetics is out to make sure we upgrade our beauty routines for the spring and summer seasons with a warm, bright eye shadow palette. The brand launched a lemonade-inspired eye shadow palette in collaboration with the bubbly, bright YouTuber Adelaine Morin! 

According to Morin, this palette has been in the works for one year and it's finally here to help us serve those juicy, bright, and refreshing looks we love. If you've already racked up on the previous spring palette releases like the Anastasia Beverly Hills Riviera Palette ($42, Sephora) and the ColourPop Just My Luck Palette ($12, ColourPop), then you may want to make room for this lemonade-inspired beauty coming from Tarte Cosmetics. 

Spring has sprung, and the eye shadow looks are about to be even more popping! 

The brand launched the palette as a collaboration with beauty and lifestyle YouTuber Adelaine Morin, who is actually the perfect person for this theme.

Morin is a certified makeup artist and esthetician who does beauty videos, but she also creates lots of lifestyle content about everything from shopping to schedule planning. Her followers know and love her for her bright, energetic personality. She's literally always laughing about something and has a huge love for the color yellow. It's no surprise that her palette has yellow-themed packaging. 

The Adelaine Morin Eye & Cheek Palette ($39, Ulta) is bright, playful, and great for applying a full face.

The palette has nine shades including blush and highlighter. The eye shadows include a pretty mix of pinks, oranges, and yellow hues. You also get a good balance of shimmery and matte finishes. Shade names include Adelangels (matte cream), Mama Morin (matte tan), conTOUR (matte warm brown), Red Eye Flight (burgundy shimmer), Boss Lady (matte burnt orange), Law of Attraction (yellow shimmer), Beep Bop (matte dark brown), Beautiful Magical Wonderful (copper shimmer), Promise Ring (opalescent highlight), and I Feel Beautiful (rosy pink blush).

Check out these swatches from the Adelaine Morin Eye & Cheek Palette!

The palette is clearly meant to help us create a nice mix of warm-toned looks this summer. I love that there's such a balance between the matte and shimmer formulas so that one doesn't overwhelm the other. These colors are also bold enough to work for springtime yet chill enough to work for different everyday looks. Standout shades in the lineup include Law of Attraction (yellow shimmer), and Boss Lady (matte burnt orange). 

Adelaine Morin even provided the deets for this stunning look she created with the palette. 

Morin started using the Shape Tape Concealer ($27, Ulta) as an eye base. Then she used the following eye shadow shades, according to her Instagram: Adelangels as a base shade, ConTOUR in the crease, Boss Lady on the outer part of the crease, cut the inner part of the crease with shape tape concealer and a flat brush, Adelangels over top of the cut crease, and Girls Supporting Girls on the inner corner.

After applying these shades, Morin winged out the look with the Tarte Tarteist Double Take Eyeliner ($24, Ulta) and shaded her waterline with the pencil side. "Mascaraaaaa and doneeee," she wrote on Instagram.

If you want the Adelaine Morin Eye And Cheek Palette, then you can snag it using a discount! 

Head to the Tarte Cosmetics website and wait for the pop-up window! It will ask you to use the spoon to scrape up the sprinkles shown in the photo. Underneath is a 15% off discount, but the amount could be lower depending on what you have waiting underneath your set of sprinkles. All you have to do is sign up for the email list. You can, of course, unsubscribe after you use your discount code.

If you're into the idea of a lemonade-inspired palette but want to stick to the drugstore price range, then your Revelist friends are here to get you right. 

Look no further than the Maybelline Lemonade Craze Palette ($10, Target)! Like the Adelaine Morin palette, it has a mix of mattes and shimmers. There are also different pinks and beiges. Additionally, the palette features three brown shades that are slightly darker.

The palette is also lemon-scented! 

Check out this comparison with swatches from both palettes.

It's a comparison you cannot deny. Talk about a nearly perfect dupe! There is almost no look you can create with the Adelaine Morin palette that you can't make with the cheaper Lemonade Craze version. We all get to make lemonade-inspired looks no matter what our budget is. 

Also, peep how pretty this eye shadow look from Lemonade Craze palette is. 

"Crazy for this sunset eye look! This was created using the #lemonadecraze palette," Maybelline wrote on Instagram. It appears this look was created with the Ice Pop (deep matte pink) and Lemonade Craze (bright yellow matte) shades. The shimmery Citrus shade seems to be applied to the undereye. 

You can also pull your lemonade eye inspiration from the queen shadow blender herself, Nikkie Tutorials!

Nikkie Tutorials used the Coral Punch as a base shade and then Berry Ice for the transition shade. She topped her eyelids with Strawberry Lemonade and Citrus. For her outer corners, she applied the Ice Pop shade. To brighten up her inner corners, she dabbed a little bit of the Main Squeeze shade. 

Now who's ready to sip on lemonade and serve up lemonade-inspired eye makeup all spring long? 

We're all about to look like cool glasses of sweet, sweet lemonade, and really, what better way to celebrate spring and summer than that? Get those brushes ready, then grab your favorite lemonade palette. Spring has sprung, people. Makeup is bright and playful (yet wearable) again!