Tarte hustled to fix its non-inclusive Shape Tape foundation after being dragged for releasing only two deep shades in its initial lineup. 

tarte shape tape foundation
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Now, two weeks after the initial launch date and after intense pressure, the brand has quietly dropped more deep shades for its matte and hydration formulas ($39, Ulta).

However, people with dark skin are going to have to go over the river, through the woods, and sell their soul if they want to actually get their hands on the new deep shades. 

You'll need to hold your wigs and gel edges down for this messy Shape Tape update. 

According to the Ulta site, Shape Tape has added three new shades for a total of 18 hues available in each formula. Shoppers immediately noticed something about the in-store displays, though. 

That's right, only the original 15 shades for each formula are in this Ulta display, because that's all Tarte is currently selling at Ulta stores. 

The six new shades added to the collection are available online only, according to the Ulta website and confirmations made to Revelist by three company employees.

So, in order for darker people to get their shades — which Tarte promised to deliver "as fast as possible, at any cost" — they will have to swatch with their imagination, order online, and pray for a match.

What's "inclusive" about that shopping experience? But wait, there are more side eyes to give.

Of the six new shades, only four are actually matches for dark skin. These are the three shades added to Tarte's Hydrating formula.

photo: Ulta

The new hydrating shades: Medium Tan Sand (not dark), Deep Sand (dark), and Rich Honey (dark). 

Only two shades are actually for dark skin. 

Now check out the shades added to the Tarte's Shape Tape Matte Formula.

photo: Ulta

Again, only two deep shades were added to the Shape Tape Matte formula. That's a total of four new shades added. 

Since the shades are split up between Hydrating and Matte, it is also possible for a person to find foundation that matches their color but not their skin type. 

If someone with dark skin wants Shape Tape foundation, they'll have to hope they find their shade match in the *right* finish AND order it online without being able to swatch it. 

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As a dark-skinned makeup lover, that sounds like a LOT of work for $39 foundation from a brand that ignored me in the first place.

An Ulta employee did provide Revelist with one small tip: Ulta can order the darker foundations for you in the store and have it shipped to your home for free. 

Unfortunately, that still makes it possible to order the wrong shade match and have to return it to Ulta for a fresh one.

That just sounds like more WERK — and not the good, clean Rihanna kind.

When this Shape Tape foundation mess first blew up, Tarte acknowledged completely dropping the ball on prioritizing diversity and promised to do better — but this quick fix the brand has come up with hasn't made much progress. 

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Tarte may be planning to put the new foundation shades in stores someday, but a product roll-out that either ignores dark-skinned people or gives them a more complicated shopping experience is not true inclusion; it's blatant discrimination.

At best, this sloppy job shows Tarte still has major misunderstandings about what diversity looks and feels like. At worst, it shows the brand doesn't value darker customers much at all. 

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