When you think about it, tattooing and makeup have a lot in common — they both require a precise hand, a sharp eye for artistry, and the ability to see the bigger picture.

But Kat Von D isn't the only queen of body art and eyeliner — there are plenty of inked babes who slay as hard with a makeup brush as they do with a tattoo gun. Here are 12 amazing tattoo artists who are also totally killing the makeup game.


Alisha Gory's flawless cat eye could be seen from space. It's GLORIOUS.

Alisha Gory, Sacred Tattoo NYC 


While her watercolor tattoo style favors bold outlines, Georgia Grey loves a subtle, shimmery beauty look.

Georgia Grey, Bang Bang Tattoo.


Artist Kate Collins goes in for a bold, technicolor glow.

kate collins tattoo
photo: Instagram/Kate Collins

Kate Collins, Kate Collins Art Tattoos.


Kelly Doty is ultimate goth goals.

Kelly Doty, Helheim Gallery and "Ink Master" finalist. 


Sara Fabel's flawlessly dewy makeup is almost as compelling as her incredible line work.

Sara Fabel, Sara Fabel Tattoo


Cally-Jo's style is always dramatic and breathtaking — in both her beauty aesthetic and her artwork.

Cally-Jo, Grit N Glory NYC 


Dutchess Lattimer's day-to-day slay cannot be denied.

Dutchess, owner of Pretty 'N Ink and co-star of "Black Ink"


Sarah-Rochelle Bane's pinup style pairs perfectly with her bright and cheerful needlework.

Sarah-Rochelle Bane, Kill Bane


Amy Nicoletto is a goddess. THOSE LIPS! *swoon*


Shelby Bray is both bold of bangs AND insanely talented.


Rachel Miller's look matches her artistic stye perfectly: Bright, bold, and a little whimsical.

Rachel Miller, Body and Soul Tattoo


And of course, the first-ever female "Ink Master" slays her liner as fiercely as she does her tattoo game.

Ryan Ashley Malarkey, "Ink Master" Champion