Not only did Trump initially refuse to condemn white supremacists and Neo-Nazis after the hate rally and terrorist attack that occurred in Charlottesville last weekend, he had the audacity to claim that the press treats them "very badly." 

Trump gave a forced apology condemning racism two days later — only to take it back days after, in addition to insisting that America shouldn't take down all the statues of past slave-owners.

Yes, really. Fuck Trump. It's the way many of us feel. It's also the name of a lipstick that's now donating 100% of its proceeds to the victims of Charlottesville. 

The lipstick was created by indie brand Lip Slut.

 The matte pink Fuck Trump liquid lipstick costs $20 — the standard price for most quality liquid lipsticks. But this time, all your money will go to an important cause.

In order to donate your $20 to Charlottesville, make sure to select the "CHARLOTTESVILLE" option at check-out.

This isn't the first time Lip Slut has donated the proceeds of its products to "Fuck Trump"-related causes.

In the past, 50% of the proceeds of the "Fuck Trump" lipstick went to a women's charity of your choice. It's a great reason to indulge in a new pink matte liquid lipstick, and a great way to support the victims of Charlottesville. 

Thanks, Lip Slut, for practicing what you preach!