Disney makeup lovers have been showered with cosmetic releases for the entirety of 2019! The best part about it all is that it doesn't look like Disney plans to let up on our beauty stashes any time soon. The brand seems committed to a life of film reboots, merch, and makeup. It's like we pricked our fingers, then fell asleep and woke up in Disney-makeup-land. We are drowning in it all, and please don't send help. We are GOOD. 

The latest makeup collection Disney has us salivating over is dedicated to the coolest redheaded mermaid in the sea! That means The Little Mermaid, and yes, you read right: There is a makeup collection for our beloved Ariel. 

Disney and UStar Cosmetics have partnered to make The Little Mermaid: Power Pearl of the Sea collection.

Per the packaging, this collection focuses entirely on the star of The Little Mermaid, which is obviously Ariel. There are no odes to Ursula à la ColourPop's Disney Villains collection. The actual packaging also doesn't have any representation of Ariel's sidekicks, Sebastian the lobster and Flounder the fish. It's an Ariel-only affair, people.

The collection includes these cutesy lip products.

There are four Twin Matte Lip Paint duos in a mix of pinks and reds. Each tube comes with one lip paint on one end and a lip bullet on the other. The four shades are Hawaii Coral, Bomb Shell, Beach Babe, and Deep Toast. 

Check out these lip color swatches!

From left to right, the shades shown are Beach Babe, Deep Toast, Bombshell, and Hawaii Coral. The lip paints and cream bullets actually look pretty pigmented! 

The collection also has a (disappointing AF) powder foundation offering.

The powder foundation comes in only two beige shades, which are Sand Beige and Warm Ivory. Disney greenlighting a powder foundation available in only two shades says a lot about how well-versed the brand actually is in complexion makeup products. But I digress. 

Eye shadow lovers might love the idea of these two palettes.

Both palettes feature four eye shadow shades and one large blush pan. The eye shadow palettes are Starlight Peach (peach and pink tones) and Summer In Bloom (neutrals and pinks).

The last piece in The Little Mermaid: Power Pearl of the Sea collection is an eyeliner pen. 

According to these swatches, this eyeliner pen looks very legit. It appears to create full pigment in a single swipe without the messy tug marks. How long the product actually lasts is questionable, but this is super cute to have if you really love makeup and The Little Mermaid.

This collection is already in stores!

It has the most adorable packaging, and the products are already on display in the stores. Per the store photos, it seems like there is a LOT of stock also.

Unfortunately, there's a major catch with this new Disney makeup.

The collection is only available in Thailand. I know. Your heart just shattered into a million pieces. Ursula just screamed from the lowest depths of the ocean. And Sebastian is busy doing what he always does: serving major side eye to Ariel and threatening to snitch on her to King Triton.

If you're in Thailand or planning to go, then you're in luck. Other than that, we can only pine for the makeup like Ariel did for Eric. Sigh.

This isn't even the only Little Mermaid collection that's exclusive to a country in Asia.

LEWWWWWWWWK! A beauty fan brought these goodies back from a Japan trip. There are even Ariel face masks. Le sigh. We need plane tickets ASAP. 

Although you can't buy this collection or the UStar one, you can still bulk up your beauty bag with products inspired by The Little Mermaid. Check out these cute picks ahead. 

Ariel Shell Brush Set ($79, Spectrum Collections)

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This Ariel brush set is super detailed and comes with the most beautiful seashell-shaped makeup bag. The set comes with 10 brushes with a sea blue glitter handle, an aquamarine ferrule, and vibrant coral bristles. 

The Ursula Collection ($25, ColourPop)

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If you're more into the evil sea witch than the sweet, innocent Ariel, then, well, SAME! Scoop up an entire collection dedicated to Ursula for only $25 from ColourPop.

The Little Mermaid Dinglehopper Makeup Brush ($22, Hot Topic)

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This makeup brush set comes with four brushes for blending a full face. The set comes with one powder brush, two eye shadow brushes, and one lip brush. You can use it to beat your face or comb your hair in the spirit of our beloved Ariel. 

Danielle Nicole Ursula Cosmetics Case ($32, HSN)

photo: HSN

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This Ursula makeup bag is super stunning! The cartoon design is vibrant, and I love that the image that was selected is of her putting on her signature red lipstick. You can also pay for this bag in installments.

Dinglehopper 5 Piece Brush Set ($34, Spectrum Collections)

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Spectrum Collections went all out with its makeup for The Little Mermaid. If you didn't grab these dinglehopper brushes when they first dropped, then you may want to jump on it because they're 50% off right now!