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I regret to inform you all that Tila Tequila is at it again.

Two weeks ago, Tequila — a former reality TV "personality" and MySpace "celebrity" — was dragged by her own fans for fat shaming beauty YouTuber NikkieTutorials. Today, Tequila has attacked a trans beauty YouTuber in yet another bizarre Facebook rant.

Dragun posted this photo, showing photos taken before and after her transition, with the caption "Happy International Women's Day to ALL women!"

In a world where trans women are often excluded, minimized, or ignored, her statement that ALL women deserve celebration on International Women's Day is beautiful and powerful.

Tequila, who was kicked off Twitter for being a Nazi and who once dressed her baby up as Hitler, stole Dragun's photo and used it on her public Facebook page to accompany a really awful, transphobic rant.

Warning: This is HORRIBLY transphobic. Please read on with caution.

"More abominations being spread across the nation and causing men to sin! Absolutely disgusting," Tequila wrote. "And just so you know for all of you MEN out there who are constantly lusting after women and "liking" their filthy, slutty, pictures online.....God says you will fall into your own traps so you're most likely lusting after some MEN too and you don't even realize it! Hahahahahaaa! God's kingdom is so awesome once you're apart of it! You can see everything and watch all the calamities befall all of your enemies and of course we pray for our enemies! That they will be humbled and brought to repentance!!! Amen! We are coming for you trans folks! God's army is here!!!!!! Wooohooo!!! Sound the trumpets heavenly angels!!! I'm ready for war!"

That's right: According to Tequila, trans women like Nikita Dragun are to blame for men "sinning" because they're too hot. And also they're "enemies."

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It's really scary when a person like Tequila, who has a Facebook following of over 1 million people, uses their platform to harass a transgender woman. According to research done in 2017, "violence disproportionately affects trans women of color." Even someone as ridiculous as Tila Tequila saying that "God's army" is coming for trans people is NOT OK. It's not just unkind; it's potentially dangerous.

Dragun has been VERY open about her transition, vlogging about her experiences in her "Transformation Tuesday" posts.

Dragun has always been very open about the process, from taking hormones to facial feminization surgery.

For someone to steal her photos and trivialize her story like this is horrific.

But Dragun is NOT having it. Though she doesn't name Tila specifically, it's clear that she's had enough of this nonsense.

And her longtime friend Manny MUA is ALSO not into it.

And neither are Tequila's own fans. They are — once again — DRAGGING HER TO HELL for using someone else's pictures to further her own hateful agenda.

"That's some awesome make up work," reads the top comment on Tila's post. "She looks gorgeous. I'm sure she's real nice...but you will never know because all you do is judge. You really have no room to talk with the way you were."

"I liked you better when you were filled with love for everybody," wrote another of Tila's fans. "Now it feels like you just judge other people because you “found Jesus” I just never expected you to switch so hard. It’s disappointing to me because I was a fan for years and now I feel like I’ve been let down. I just hope you’re happy with your life and that you learn not to judge others who are on their own path to happiness."

And as another commenter put it, "Petty ain't pretty."

But let's not give Tila any more attention. Let Dragun have the last word.

We love you, Nikita.

Bye, Tila.