eyelash extensions
photo: Revelist/Carmen Hurtado-Esteve

I used to use Too Faced's best-selling mascara Better Than Sex religiously, but then I got eyelash extensions and couldn't wear ANY mascara for six months. But now I'm back to my natural lashes — and while I was off mascara, a big Better Than Sex competitor surfaced.

And it's $10. HOLY COW. I had to find out if this was all too good to be true.

Too Faced's Better Than Sex is one of the highest selling mascaras in America.

But L'Oreal's Lash Paradise — packaging and all — is coming HARD for Too Faced's throne.

When put to the test on my bare lashes, I discovered that this $10 powerhouse has more than a few winning qualities.

lash paradise loreal
photo: Revelist/Angela Trakoshis

In this photo, my left eye is bare, and my right lashes are coated twice with Lash Paradise. It coated every single lash evenly and dried way faster than Better Than Sex.

In comparison to Too Faced, L'Oreal was less prone to clumps, breakage, AND smudging throughout the whole day — it made me feel like I had Kim K-level lashes. And it came off effortlessly with a little cleansing balm.

This baby SLAYED.

And that's probably due to one key difference between these mascaras: their brushes

ulta better than sex lash paradise
photo: Ulta

(Left: Lash Paradise; Right: Better Than Sex)

L'Oreal's bristles are thinner and spread farther apart, which give the wand easier access to all the eye's tricky corners and curves.

Lash Paradise, I love you.

photo: Giphy

You're exactly what I didn't know I needed.