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And now the eyebrow game is forever changed.

Could these wavy designs really be the brows of our future?

And is matching squiggle eyeliner up next?

If you're up for it, here's how to get the wavy brow game down:

Blogger Promise Tang blessed us with a video tutorial.

She told PopSugar that she uses Elmer's glue à la Beyonce to slick her brows down and then covers them up entirely with Make Up For Ever's full coverage concealer ($34, Sephora). She follows up with pressed and setting powder. 

Afterward, she draws on the wavy look with a mix of gel liner and brow pomade. 

The result is the fierce evil queen look you see above.

You down to give this style a whirl?

While I won't be switching up my eyebrow routine up anytime soon, I have to admit that these wavy things are pretty incredible. 

Makeup daredevils, have at it!