Fenty Beauty's Body Lava was an instant hit. It sold out faster than you can say Robyn Rihanna Fenty. Sadly, it has yet to return to inventory, so those who missed out have been dreaming of its glowy goodness ever since. 

While there's still no word on its triumphant return, there is something to hold you over until that day comes. Wet N Wild wants to soothe your Body Lava woes with its drugstore dupe: MegaGlo Body Luminizer. It'll fill that Fenty-sized hole in your beauty arsenal for the time being without burning a hole in your wallet. Win-win.

Remember when Rihanna made the early 2000s body glitter trend cool again with Fenty Beauty's iconic Body Lava

Let me refresh your memory. Body Lava basically makes you a glowy golden goddess. The people cannot get enough of it.

Rihanna posted a video dousing herself in the shimmery goodness, and the internet lost its collective mind.

The Body Lava vid became a viral movement dubbed the #RihannaChallenge. But as hilarious as the parody clips were, they didn't take away from the product's popularity. If anything, they added to it, and the product sold out almost immediately.

It's a bit hard to believe, considering that each bottle came with a ridiculous price tag — clocking in around $60. Who has that kind of money to blow on glitter?

Other brands have created copycat versions, like BECCA x Chrissy Teigen's Glow Body Oil, but sadly, they still carry a hefty price tag ($42).

The brand teased the Body Luminizer on its Instagram Story in a Rihanna-like fashion, with models applying it to their shoulders.

Its available in three different shades, according to Allure: Heart of Rosegold, Gold Rush, and Invested In Bronze.

Gold Rush and Invested In Bronze are vegan, and all three are cruelty-free, gluten-free, and paraben-free.

The Body Luminizer is the latest in Wet N Wild's MegaGlo highlighter collection. It's the first one meant solely for your body, though, instead of your cheekbones and nose bridge.

The drugstore dupe launches online on September 27 on walmart.com and wetnwildbeauty.com and in Walmart stores on October 22. And it's only $11!