Mastering the perfect wing lined eye is a skill in itself, but once you've done that, it's time to move on to something a little less basic.

There are so many avant-garde eyeshadow styles to try and bright colors to choose from that creating a wild makeup look is just a matter of picking which style. These artists on Instagram have created some stunning eyeliner looks using the most unexpected materials and styles. 

This eyeliner looks like a few extra lashes were attached to your lids. 

Why stop at one wing when you can have six. This style doesn't even need a good pair of falsies to accentuate the look. Plus, there are little rainbow dots to take this eyeliner to the next level. 

Why not play with color and add a blue swoosh?

This wing is more of a shooting star. The bright blue makes the eye totally stand out and would fit in on the runway. 

This wing engulfs the whole eye with a leopard style. 

The series of dots that make up this massive cat eye looks like leopard spots. Not to mention the rest of this makeup is totally glowing. 

This eyeliner is giving me Morse code vibes. 

Minimalism is key, and simple definitely doesn't mean boring in this case. This eyeliner looks like it's trying to send a message via Morse code with a dot and a dash. "Dot Dash #macroeye with @mairishaw_ #restraint #details," the artist wrote in his caption. 

These dainty flowers are totally gorgeous and natural. 

For the truly artistic, this floral design is a challenge. Paired with a feathery brow, I'm definitely getting woodland fairy vibes here. 

Gold foil is one way to make a wing stand out. 

The foil makes for an interesting texture for this eyeliner look. The artist completed the style with a wet, gold shimmer eye shadow. The artist revealed in the comments that they got the foil to stick with a little bit of eyelash glue. 

This liquid gel eyeliner looks like magic glass. 

The teardrop drips looks fresh out of a comic strip or a fairy tale. This totally avant-garde look is photo shoot ready. The artist used Infinity Glass from Linda Hallberg Cosmetics, a primer, highlight, and gloss all in one multifunctional gel. 

Pearls is a popular Instagram trend that is so dainty and feminine. 

I'm living for the dainty eyeliner pearl trend. This artist created a dramatic arch on the lower and upper eyelids. Paired with a little bit of shimmery highlight and massive lashes, this style was cool enough for an event or every day.