Everyone loves a a classic cat eye, but there's just one problem with the it: It's just too reliable. So reliable, in fact, that it's easy to get caught in a makeup slump because you forget how to do anything on your eyes save for that one sleek line.

But contrary to popular belief, eyeliner has the potential to carry a lot of personality. There are a million and one ways to do it, as has been proven by Instagram trends and makeup artists time and again.

So what should you do with your eyeliner, then? I'll tell you — using the world's most accurate medium: Astrology.

Scorpio: Smoky shadow wing

Scorpios are known for their dark and alluring sensuality, which can only be outshone by a smoky eye. Instead of your liquid liner, just grab a sharp brow brush and a glittery eye shadow and go to town.

Sagittarius: Color-blocking

Sagittarius is the goofball of the zodiac, so they require something truly out there. No need for actual eyeliner here, just dip a liner brush into one of your many bright liquid lipsticks. Bonus points if you use it as mascara, too.

Capricorn: Blank space

Capricorns have an intense attention to detail and crave precision in all aspects of like — that also goes for makeup. Challenge yourself by trying to avoid just one tiny, triangular chunk when completing your go-to liner look.

Aquarius: Floating liner

Those born under an Aquarian sun are usually the bubbly, avant garde type. Naturally, they ought to have their hand at something just as artsy as they are. Line only the space just above the natural crease of the eye.

Pisces: Dainty dots

Pisces is one of the most emotionally understanding, go-with-the-flow signs. They're probably the most likely to undertake the eyeliner look that allows the most creative freedom: Dots. Put them on the outer corner, on your lower lash line, or all over if you dare.

Aries: Lightning bolt wings

Aries are described as "energetic," and "turbulent." Lightning bolts just seem like a no-brainer here.

Taurus: White liner

Though one of the most laid-back signs, Tauruses value a clean aesthetic more than anyone. In makeup terms, that translates to crisp, white liner.

Gemini: Double wings

Gemini is represented by twins. Need I say more?

Cancer: Glossy cat eye

glossy cat eye
photo: Pinterest

Water-influenced Cancers are emotional and deeply internal, which makes them a complete mystery to most. You know what else is a complete mystery to most? Eye gloss. Learn it, love it, rock it.

Leo: Upside-down cat eye

Leos are unashamedly bold, fearless, and dramatic. They like turning the world upside down, and therefore they should attempt the same with their liner.

Virgo: 60's mod

No Virgo can deny feeling like "an old soul" compared to others around them. And though they'll never admit it, they secretly love admiration about their personal aesthetics. Ergo, Twiggy is their best makeup muse.

Libra: Corners only

Consistent and intellectual Libras are all about balance (literally, it's the sign of the scales). Practice balance with makeup by putting liner not just on the outside of your eye, but on the inside, too.

What do the stars have in store for you?

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