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I wore the black pair for a full day under my black jeans — and I was honestly shocked.

best thong ever
photo: B Fowler / Revelist

As you can see, I have zero panty lines under my stretchy (and therefore line-prone) skinny jeans. Which is already pretty good! My ideal pants state is either not wearing any at all, or jeans so tight you can see my soul — and up until now, I always thought that underwear that kinda hurt but looked good was my only option.

Not so. In fact, after I put this thong on, I didn’t think about it at all for the rest of the day. Raise your hand if that’s ever happened to you with lace between your butt cheeks.

Exactly. It never happens. Which is why this is so amazing.

I sat in this thong. I ran errands in this thong. I walked around, stretched, climbed up on a desk to get a giant banana piñata off a high shelf (don’t ask) in this thong. I lived my damn life in this thong, and I felt fucking spectacular doing it.

The next day, I put another (clean) black thong to the test at the gym — which is where I ran into my only issues.

best underwear
photo: B Fowler / Revelist

First, I sweat a lot during my workouts. The Hanky Panky thongs are not built to wick perspiration away from skin, so by the end of my gym visit, my bits felt unusually sweaty. Comfortable, but sweaty. So if you’re, say, training for a marathon, these are probably not great undies to wear.

Second, I *did* have some visible panty line when I wore this thong under my leggings — illustrated here with helpful dots.

best thong underwear
photo: B Fowler / Revelist

While it’s not my favorite thing in the world, the line was minor enough that it wasn’t a huge deal. And anyway, this thong doesn’t promise to be invisible, just comfortable. Which it remained, BTW, even after an hour of running.

Finally, I put the beige thong to the ultimate vanishing test — stretchy white jeans.

best thong white jeans
photo: B Fowler / Revelist

I’m wearing shade Chai — this thong also comes in shades Taupe and Cappuccino for deeper complected skin tones.

Under white pants, this thong totally vanished — and it remained flawlessly comfortable for another full damn day.

best thing in the world
photo: B Fowler / Revelist

Not a line to be seen, not a super-wedgie to be had.

My only issue was that the sides of the beige thong seemed to roll up a little more on me than the black version, causing a small amount of hip discomfort.

most comfortable thong
photo: B Fowler / Revelist

Ah, the curse of the “one size fits most” underwear — stretchy enough to fit many asses, but tends to roll up on you. Oh well, I’d honestly take this over digging-into-my-hips-like-you’re-looking-for-coal any day of the week.

Overall, I am shocked and impressed at how genuinely comfortable the Hanky Panky thongs truly are. I went in a skeptic, but I am now a believer — this may truly be the world’s most comfortable thong.

best thong review
photo: B Fowler / Revelist

Hanky Panky, your thongs have officially won me over. My peach emoji life will never be the same.