"Gerald's Game"
photo: Netflix

It's never too early to start celebrating the spooky season. Look no further than Netflix for hidden gems in the horror genre. The streaming platform is launching a channel Netflix and Chills on September 27 and is releasing original horror content throughout October. 

But until the scary new content hits Netflix, check out some of the scary movies already streaming. 


This movie features the kind of torture and gore that cause serious cringe. The 2018 Netflix Original received a relatively positive critical response, scoring 80% on Rotten Tomatoes. Starring Michael Sheen, Lucy Boynton, and Dan Stevens, this film is about a young man rescuing his kidnapped sister from a sinister religious cult. 

Before I Wake

Ogle at the adorable pre-Room Jacob Tremblay, who has mysterious and dark powers in his dreams that cause them to become reality in this horror flick. Directed by Mike Flanagan, who charged other mind-bending projects like Gerald's Game and The Haunting of Hill House, Before I Wake also touches on family and hallucinations. There are plenty of supernatural elements and scares to make it a perfect fright-night flick.


The stellar storytelling and acting skills land this zombie movie on the list. Martin Freeman stars in a post-apocalyptic world in which his character has to find someone to protect his newborn daughter. The dark vibes and frightening plot will leave you on edge.  


Any Stephen King adaptation is going to have plenty of good scares, and this Depression-era horror film is no exception. The entire movie touches on themes surrounding guilt in the wake of a man's murder of his wife. Thomas Pane, Dylan Schmid, and Molly Parker all star in this ominous movie. 

Train to Busan 

This Korean blockbuster thriller has been critically acclaimed across the world for its impeccable character development and gripping action-packed plot. A father and daughter try to escape a viral outbreak that is causing everyone to turn into zombies aboard the final train to safety. The movie was Korea's highest-grossing film in 2016 and the first zombie movie to top box offices in the country.

The Ritual

After watching this movie about a camping trip gone wrong, you'll never want to step into the woods again. A group of friends attempts a shortcut (which will have you screaming "Turn back now!" at the screen) while hiking through the Swedish wilderness. Though they are stalked by a disturbing presence, the British humor throughout the scary film adds a light touch to the overall dark and ominous trip. 

The Autopsy of Jane Doe

This mortuary supernatural horror flick centers around an anonymous corpse that arrives at a father-and-son-owned morgue with evidence of torture. Something is definitely off right from the start, but the two continue working until disaster strikes. 

The Perfection

Get Out's Allison Williams stars in this revenge horror flick that'll give viewers the creepy crawlies just from the trailer. This thrilling and terrifying movie is about a former musical prodigy (Williams) reconnecting with her mentor but is jealous of a new student (Logan Browning). Williams takes on that same placid and evil expression that she exhibited in Jordan Peele's directorial debut, proving that horror is quite possibly her best genre. 

Gerald's Game

In my humble opinion, Gerald's Game is one of the most terrifying watches on Netflix, period. Another Stephen King remake directed by The Haunting of Hill House's Mike Flanagan, the film takes you on a long and winding journey that is gripping the entire time. 


A terrifying case of stolen identity, Cam is a horror movie for the social media generation. Madeline Brewer stars in this psychological thriller as a rising star in the cam girl industry. The suspense will keep you on the edge of your seat in this independent horror film.