While 2019 saw plenty of incredible films spearheaded by women, the awards shows' directing categories do not reflect that. 

Women were entirely ignored among the Golden Globes directing nominees this year, and now for the Oscars as well. Worse still, it seems that there is little diversity in any of the top categories, with only one woman of color, Cynthia Erivo, nominated in any of the acting categories. And while Little Women was nominated in a variety of categories, director Greta Gerwig was left out. 

Here's some of the worst snubs among the 92nd annual Academy Awards nominations.

Here is all of the nominees, but what's missing is far more glaring than who got a nod. 

John Cho and Issa Rae read out the nominees in each of the categories for this year's Academy Awards. When it came time to read out the names in the directing lineup, Rae said poignantly, "Congratulations to these men." 

Jennifer Lopez and Hustlers were ignored altogether.

Many predicted Lopez could have gotten an Oscar for her part as Ramona in Hustlers. Lopez showed off her acting and dancing chops in the role, and worked incredibly hard to nail the part. Lorene Scafaria, the director, was also ignored despite critical acclaim after the movie hit screens. 

Little Women received quite a few nominations, but Greta Gerwig was snubbed for best director. 

Many assumed Gerwig would nail her second nomination for best director, her first being for Lady Bird in 2018. Florence Pugh and Saoirse Ronan, who were both nominated in acting categories, told Deadline they were disappointed that Gerwig did not snag a nomination

Pugh said it was "a big blow, especially because she created a film that is so her and so unique and it’s just come out of her, and it’s been a story she’s wanted to do for so long." And producer Amy Pascal said she was "incredibly disappointed about [the directing snub] because she really deserved it."

Awkwafina won a Golden Globe, but didn't get a nomination at the Oscars. 

photo: Splash News

Surely, a Golden Globe winner deserved at least a nod at the Academy Awards. But nope. Awkwafina was entirely ignored in the lead actor category for her part in The Farewell.

Another snub from The Farewell: Lulu Wang for directing.

Another possible contender for best director was Lulu Wang. Wang sat at a roundtable discussion alongside Gerwig and other male directors for The Hollywood Reporter. There she discussed what it meant to be in a smaller-scale production. 

Lupita Nyong'o was incredibly horrifying in Jordan Peele's Us and should have received recognition. 

Many thought Nyong'o's frightening character portrayal in Peele's scary movie was worthy of a nomination. Cynthia Erivo was the only woman of color nominated in the lead actress category, but Nyong'o deserved to be up there alongside her. Plus, Us surely should have had more awards season recognition too.

Queen and Slim was wrongfully ignored by many of the awards shows.

Queen and Slim was a heart-wrenching, honest portrayal of police brutality in America. The acting, cinematography, and story were all incredibly moving and received plenty of critical acclaim. Unfortunately, it was ignored by two of the biggest awards shows, the Golden Globes and the Oscars. 

And how do you miss out on Beyoncé's original song "Spirit"?

Beyoncé created an entire album surrounding Disney's The Lion King, but her single "Spirit" was truly a standout addition to the film. Plus, her insane music video deserved some love. But, sadly, the Oscars ignored Queen Bey too.