There are few women who have made a bigger impact on comedy — and whose comedy has made a bigger impact on the lives of women — than Amy Poehler. 

During her time at Saturday Night Live, she helped break through the male-dominated show with women-focused sketches like "Mom Jeans," "The Bronx Beat," and a whole slew of Hillary Clinton pieces. Post-SNL, she wrote Yes Please, a life-changing memoir about her foray into comedy and how she learned to ask for what she deserves. 

She also obviously created Park and Recreation, a show that ran for the better part of a decade and introduced us to one of the most beloved TV characters of all time: Leslie Knope. Poehler's portrayal as Knope taught young women everywhere the importance of having women friends, being kind to others even when they disagree with you, and refusing to give up when you're trying to do what's right.

This year, Poehler still seems to be exuding all of these messages, as we can tell by her latest movie trailer. In an upcoming Netflix original film, Poehler will star alongside a phenomenal cast of other women comedians in a movie about a trip to wine country shared by a group of lifelong friends. Catch more details below and set a reminder for May 10!