Last night was the world premiere of Avengers: Endgame in Los Angeles, and the actors' looks would have Thanos quaking in his Infinity gauntlet. 

It's been almost exactly a year since Infinity War (spoiler alert) disintegrated half the franchise's cast. So the hype has most certainly been real for the next installment of the Marvel series, and now with the movie hitting theaters by the end of the week, fans cannot contain their excitement. 

Pro tip: Marvel posted to their Twitter ALL of the post-credits scenes to help fans prepare for the upcoming flick. Everyone knows to stay till the very end of the Marvel movies, but in case you missed it, here's the link.  

Fans dressed in full cosplay of the characters got to meet their favorite celebrities who looked incredible in their red- *ahem* purple-carpet attire. Here are some of the best looks of the night.

Brie Larson aka Captain Marvel SLAYED with Infinity Stone–inspired rings and a gold cuff.

It would appear Captain Marvel's powers have rubbed off on Larson — she is literally glowing. The actor is wearing a Celine lavender silk gown and some major movie–inspired bling. Is this a tease for who will be wearing the Infinity gauntlet at the end of Endgame? Can someone from Marvel Studios please say yes?!

Scarlett Johansson also rocked a similar gauntlet to Larsen.

Scarlett Johansson "Avengers: Endgame" movie premiere
photo: Getty Images

Signing a Lego statue of Iron Man, Scar-Jo's dainty but oh-so powerful gems dangled from a chain ring bracelet. The Black Widow actor looked radiant in a golden strapless chainmail dress. Fans have been begging Marvel for a Black Widow spin-off film, and it looks like their prayers have been answered. The film, which will feature the original actor herself, is in its planning stages

In true Tony Stark fashion, Robert Downey Jr. rolled up to the premiere in major style.

Downey Jr. wore a classy navy suit with a tan collar, and he looked extra dapper posing next to his Audi E-Tron GT. Iron Man is one of the few characters left still standing in the Avengers franchise, but he is trapped in space... for now. 

Evangeline Lilly from Ant-Man stood out in a bright red suit.

Lilly wore a Denis Gagnon red suit with a black stripe running down the loose pant leg. The Ant-Man actor looked chic and powerful in the ensemble. She stars alongside Paul Rudd in the film and will join the rest of the Avengers cast for the first time in Endgame. 

Zoe Saldana was back and better than ever in a magenta ruffled gown.

We last saw Zoe Saldana aka Gamora being pushed off a cliff by Thanos (her character's adoptive father) in Infinity War. Fingers crossed she'll make a miraculous comeback, seeing as she is the "deadliest woman in the galaxy." Saldana wore a gorgeous magenta Givenchy dress to the premiere that stayed perfectly on brand with the purple carpet.

Jeremy Renner looked so handsome in a classic black tuxedo and bow tie. 

One of the original Avengers, Hawkeye is known for his unfaltering accuracy when it comes to landing his shot. Well, his eye for style was on point last night. Renner looked so cute grinning ear-to-ear on the carpet at the premiere. 

This silver suit was PERFECT for Letitia Wright's tech wiz character, Shuri.

The Black Panther star looked amazing in a metallic silver suit and silver jewelry. Her cropped hair was slicked back, and she looked ready to take on the movie premiere or head back to her lab and whip out a vibranium-enhanced weapon. 

Elizabeth Olsen brought "the magic" in a plunging teal gown. 

Olsen, who plays Scarlet Witch, had on a beautiful glittery teal gown with structured shoulder pads and a plunging neckline. She was also among some of the stars who thanked fans for all of their support through the Avengers sagas. She says in the video that the movies are made solely for them. 

Pom Klementieff met her Mantis body double; seriously this fan is a spitting image. 

The movie premiere wasn't just an excuse to gawk at the celebs looks; it was also an opportunity to be thoroughly impressed by the lengths some fans went to in order to imitate their fave Avengers characters. This particular fan posing with Klementieff, who plays the adorable and tough alien Mantis, got the character exactly right, even including faux feelers. 

Even Vin Diesel got to meet Groots both young and old. 

Vin Diesel voices Groot in Guardians of the Galaxy and Avengers: Infinity War and Endgame. At the premiere he got to meet fans dressed in full Groot suits, both as the original fully grown version and the hilarious pre-pubescent snippy teenage version of the character.