Billy Porter
photo: Splash News

Princess stories are undergoing a major, much-needed update — and the upcoming Cinderella remake is no exception. 

While a Disney live-action reboot with Lily James and Cate Blanchett was released only four years ago in 2015, this Sony version produced by James Corden is going to be a whole new take on the classic story.  

Hollywood is choosing to be more inclusive in its storytelling, whether it be with an all-black superhero cast in Black Panther, Halle Bailey taking on the role of Ariel in The Little Mermaid, or a celebration of African heritage and black actors in the new Lion King. 

Now the Fairy Godmother in Cinderella has been given a fabulous new makeover with Pose star Billy Porter. 

Emmy winner Billy Porter has signed on to play the Fairy Godmother in a new live-action remake of Cinderella

The magical Billy Porter is taking on a pivotal role, the Fairy Godmother, in a new modernized version of the classic Brothers Grimm story. Porter's extravagant and impeccable fashion sense will surely translate well to the role, not to mention his award-winning acting skills. Porter made history at the 2019 Emmys as the first gay black man to win Outstanding Lead Actor in a Drama Series. 

In the modern reimagining, maybe Fairy Godmother will roll up in a luxury car, not a pumpkin carriage. 

Porter made the announcement at the New Yorker Festival while talking about his recent accomplishments and projects. But he teased the news in a previous Instagram advertisement dressed in his signature style. "Who needs a pumpkin carriage when you can have the best tech-forward SUV on the market? Now me and my fashions can get to the ball in luxury and comfort," he wrote. 

Of course, he could also show up on a golden king's chair carried in, similar to how he arrived at the 2019 Met Gala. 

Everyone has been pretty tight-lipped about the upcoming remake from Sony, not Disney. But James Corden, the producer, teased that it would be a modern update. Plus, Camila Cabello has already been announced, and Idina Menzel is rumored to be playing the stepmother. 

With Porter as the Fairy Godmother, it provides a whole new level of representation that is deserved and necessary. 

Musicality is obviously going to play a huge role in the reboot, with stars like Cabello, Porter, and possibly Menzel. 

In an interview with ET, Cabello talked about this role being a dream come true. "It's going to be a remake of it that I relate [to]," Cabello said. "I'm really happy we're at a point now in culture where — Aladdin or The Little Mermaid — little girls can see themselves represented, and I think that is so important and it's about time." 

Kay Cannon, the accomplished female director who is taking on the project, congratulated Porter on the role in a recent tweet. 

Clearly everyone is more than thrilled to have Porter in the iconic role, especially Cannon, who also directed Blockers. "Correction: FABULOUS Godmother," she tweeted in a reply to Vanity Fair's coverage of the news. Corden, who has plenty of experience with musicals and is producing, retweeted Cannon's message.