Black Widow was the first woman in the Avengers superhero group, and one of the very few who didn't have her own standalone movie. 

After the success of Captain Marvel, it was a no-brainer that Black Widow be the next superhero to get her own story. The self-titled film takes place in Russia, Natasha Romanoff's home country, and we get to meet her family, including her sister Yelena. It's unclear if any of the original Marvel characters will make an appearance, but Robert Downey Jr. (aka Iron Man) has been rumored to show up. 

The film premieres in May 2020, so get your best Marvel fan gear on and get ready to watch how the Russian spy came to meet the Avengers group. 

Fans have been begging for an origin story for Black Widow, and now it's finally here. 

Natasha Romanoff is the spitfire superspy who doesn't need help from anyone, but her independent spirit sometimes gets her in trouble. This story revolves around how she came to be and the family that formed her. 

Florence Pugh will be playing Natasha's sister, Yelena Belova. 

Pugh and Johansson, who plays Black Widow, all do some of their own stunts. The two talked to Fandango about how cool it was to get to be a part of the action for once. "It's crazy walking into the stunt room and seeing basically all women," Johansson said. 

David Harbour is playing the Red Guardian in the film. 

Red Guardian is one of the washed-up superheroes, and David Harbour brings some of his sardonic comedic genius to the table. "Happy #blackfriday. Just a reminder that Karl Marx was not only a philosopher but also a ruthless bargain hunter. #blackwidow #redguardian," Harbour captioned this post of his character in comic book form. 

Some people are noticing an uncanny resemblance between Black Widow and Captain Marvel: Is it a purposeful parallel? Or stale filmmaking?

The teaser trailer has been getting tons of comparison to Captain Marvel and some don't think that's a good thing. One person shared a side-by-side image of the two movies and wrote, "It’s not parallels. The movies just all look the same lol." Meanwhile, others think it was very much a purposeful and creative choice. 

Anyone who has seen Endgame, so basically everyone, knows that Black Widow doesn't make it out alive. 

The movie has an unspoken sadness because of Natasha's fate at the end of the Avengers series. Many are already shedding tears about the backstory and fearing the worst. One person wrote, "Me watching the Black Widow trailer vs being reminded that Natasha is still dead and that Yelena probably died."