Blake Lively is known for her long, blonde hair, but she recently underwent a major hair change for her new film, "The Rhythm Section."

Did Blake Lively cut and dye her hair?
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Last month, the actress was spotted rocking a short, shaggy haircut on set in Dublin, Ireland.

Blake Lively's shocking hair transformation
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Her character's style couldn't be further from Serena Van der Woodsen.

Lively's "new look" instantly shocked fans. But she wasn't done with the jaw-dropping hair transformations just yet...

Earlier this week, fans caught Lively sporting a new hairdo — and people couldn't help but notice how similar Lively looked to a certain KarJenner matriarch.

Lively got a total Kris Jenner haircut.

Blake Lively with dark brown pixie hair
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Although her hair is still short and shaggy, Lively's signature blonde was switched out for a deep brown.

And holy Kardashian, does she look like Kris Jenner.

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Seriously. The hair...

Did Blake Lively cut her hair like Kris Jenner?
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The power strut...

Did Blake Lively cut her hair?
photo: Splash News

Kris Jenner, is that YOU?

Lively probably won't keep the Kris Jenner look for long, but it *is* amusing to see her twinning with everyone's favorite Kardashian.

Did Blake Lively get a Kris Jenner hair cut
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Kris Jenner
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What an honor.