A movie based on the sexual harassment scandal at Fox News in 2016 is coming this December, and it stars three powerhouse actors: Charlize Theron, Nicole Kidman, and Margot Robbie. 

In 2016, Fox News came under fire after sexual assault allegations were made against former chairman and CEO Roger Ailes, who died in 2017 at the age of 77. Gretchen Carlson sued Ailes for sexual harassment and was awarded $20 million in damages. Ailes resigned from the network, but denied all allegations. 

Shortly after, Megyn Kelly detailed her experience facing years of harassment from Ailes, in her memoir Settle for More. Many more women came forward about being harassed by the Fox News executive in the following years, thanks in part to these two women speaking out.

Kelly left Fox News in 2017 and went on to host her own segment on NBC's Today, but was fired a year later after making comments defending blackface. The journalist apologized for her words, but hasn't worked in media since.  

The trailer overall is incredibly enticing, but what has captured viewers the most is the uncanny resemblance Charlize Theron bears to Megyn Kelly. 

"Ok but Charlize Theron looks almost exactly like Megyn Kelly in #Bombshell," one person on Twitter wrote with a side-by-side of the real Megyn Kelly. Watching back and forth between Theron and the real-life journalist is dizzying. They look exactly the same. 

It's truly unnerving, and has the internet doing a collective double-take. 

"Wow wow wow the prosthetic team on Bombshell (the Roger Ailes / Fox News movie) did an EERIE job at making Charlize Theron look like Megyn Kelly," another person wrote on Twitter. Not only did the makeup and prosthetics transform the actor's look, but without saying a word, she has captured Kelly's personality too. Some think this 2016 hairstyle from the journalist gives "Can I speak to the manager?" vibes. 

The makeup team is a shoe-in for an Oscar nomination after the incredible prosthetics and makeup used to transform Theron into the journalist. 

With Academy Award alums Kidman, Theron, and Robbie, there's no doubt that an Oscar nomination is on its way, but there could also be one for the makeup team. The similarity between Theron and Kelly has the internet scratching its head, "Me trying to figure out what they did to Charlize Theron's face to make her look so much like Megyn Kelly in the Bombshell trailer," someone tweeted. All three actors look blonde and beautiful in the tense and awkward elevator ride. 

Theron's fans know that this isn't the first time she has morphed into a character — both physically and emotionally. 

One person gave the actor a shoutout on Twitter, "Charlize Theron doesn’t get enough credit for being a straight-up chameleon." It's true; Theron has been able to completely alter her appearance to take on roles both based on reality and completely made up ones. In 2004, Theron won the award for Best Actress for playing serial killer Aileen Wuornos in Monster, and she also completely changed her face to look the part. 

Mark Duplass gave his costars a shoutout for being the incredible boss women they are. 

"I am in this movie, but that doesn’t matter bc wait until you see these three women do what they do best. Holy. [Redacted]." Duplass wrote to Twitter along with an article from Deadline. Kidman plays Gretchen Carlson, who was fired from the network and then came forward with the allegations of sexual harassment from Ailes. Robbie plays the part of a fictional employee named Kayla Popisil, but little has been revealed about her character's part in the movie based on the true story.  

Robbie and Kidman are also giving viewers the chills for the intense, palpable fear they display without saying a word. 

One intrigued fan tweeted, "Charlize Theron (Megyn Kelly), Nicole Kidman (Gretchen Carlson), and Margot Robbie (Kayla Pospisil) tensely riding an elevator while fear quietly washes over Megyn and Gretchen's faces as they realize what Kayla intends to do ... EXCELLENT TEASER FOR #BOMBSHELL."

One sentence of dialogue, tense glances, and eerie music is all it took to give viewers the chills. Along with Kidman, Robbie, and Theron, the film also stars Kate McKinnon, Allison Janney, Connie Britton, and John Lithgow as Roger Ailes.  

Watch the chilling trailer below, and wait patiently for the film's drop on December 20. 

The minute-and-a-half trailer already has people theorizing Oscar nominations — and it's not hard to see why. The three leading women are all Academy Award winners or nominees, plus the rest of the star-studded cast is equally impressive. The scandal sparked part of the #MeToo movement, and the three women at the forefront are definitely capable of telling the story in a thorough and deserving way.