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Disney just released the second trailer for its upcoming film "The Nutcracker and the Four Realms," and it looks amazing. Let me paint you a picture: imagine the live-action remake of "Beauty and the Beast" with a splash of Tim Burton's "Alice in Wonderland" accompanied by one of the most iconic feminist anthems of all time. It doesn't hit theaters until November, but we're already counting down the days.

The film stars Mackenzie Foy (the "Twilight" movies, "Interstellar") as Clara — a determined young girl who's tasked with saving the magical world that her late mother invented.

It also stars a pink-haired Keira Knightly as the Sugar Plum Fairy, Helen Mirren as the ominous Mother Ginger, and Morgan Freeman as Drosselmeyer.

The trailer takes the classic ballet and transforms it into a magical film, with a hauntingly beautiful soundtrack to match — including a twinkly, slowed down cover of No Doubt's "Just A Girl."

Watch it right here, and prepare to fall in love.

The '90s anthem isn't exactly what you'd expect for a Disney film, let alone "The Nutcracker." Yet, we can't get enough of it.

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The pop tune is just as, if not more relevant today than it was when it first came out. And the message, about a woman wanting to break free of society's limitations, also aligns with the theme of the new (and, dare I say, improved?) version of the holiday classic.

This cover is performed by New York-based singer/songwriter Brix (Sophie Dupin), who also happens to be a huge fan of No Doubt.

"Gwen Stefani's writing has inspired me since I was a kid listening to No Doubt alone in my bedroom and screaming the lyrics," Sophie told Revelist via email. "One of the only posters in my room was actually No Doubt that I had bought at Record World, our local CD store at the time."

"I am absolutely thrilled with Disney’s choice to use this song to empower Clara, their lead. The future of the Four Realms rests in 'just a girl’s' hands, but it’s clear from the trailer she is anything but 'just a girl,'" Brix told Revelist. 

"The reaction to our cover has been very special, but it’s so much bigger than our version," she said. "It’s a reminder of the power of this song and what it means to be a woman."

Funny enough, Brix actually recorded this rendition for YouTube way back in 2012 after a late-night writing session with producer Jay Levine.

"Gwen’s version is punk and raw, you can hear the anger and frustration in her voice. But the concept and lyrics of this song are even bigger than that and don’t rely on any style. We decided to slow our version down, and give these lyrics power in a new way, from a different angle," she explained.

Then the stars aligned six years later and her cover is now featured in one of Disney's biggest trailers.

photo: Brix

"This opportunity has really reminded me that it is all journey and you really never know what road a creation of yours will take and where it will end up," she explained. "Here’s a song I listened to on repeat at 14, and then years later I record a version of it for a YouTube video and it’s not until now that it’s discovered."

A song that helped all of us '90s kids have our own feminist awakenings is now making a splash once again in 2018, thanks to Disney — and honestly, that's pretty magical.

"'Just A Girl' has been my own feminist anthem since basically before I could even really understand what it meant. I am honored to be a tiny part of bringing this incredible & powerful song to the forefront of conversation again," Brix told Revelist.

Brix's cover of "Just A Girl" is now available for download on iTunes, and streaming on Spotify, YouTube, or SoundCloud.

You can also keep up with Brix on her website here. Look out for her debut EP "Broken Vessel" this fall.

Oh, and in case you need a reminder of how the original song sounds, here's Gwen Stefani rocking out with No Doubt back in 1995.

Over twenty years have passed, but the message is still loud and clear — albeit, slower and more straightforward.