Pinup DC Bombshells, also by Beevers

photo: Ashleigh Beevers Art

Disney's limited representation of what women look like teaches young girls that only one size is "princess-worthy" — and it needs to stop. 

Enter Melbourne-based illustrator, animator, and comic book fan Ashleigh Beevers, who has re-imagined Disney princesses as curvy pinup characters. Beevers actually started her series with a villain, the veteran Ursula, and moved on to princesses. 

"I really just want all women to love how they look, so we can make each other feel happier and look after ourselves," she told Revelist. Why pinups? Because "they're gosh-darn cute!"

Check out Beever's stunning Disney princess pinups below. They're as magical as the originals!


Ariel is no longer under the sea, so she can finally show off those curves on land.


Ursula has never looked better.


Down in New Orleans, Tiana stuns in green and with her lovely figure.


Rapunzel let down her hair and is embracing her curvy physique.


Her head is out from under the books and Belle looks magical with her new makeover.


Merida's new look has shot right into our hearts.


Clap if you believe that Tinker Bell looks 10x better than before!

See more of Ashleigh Beevers artwork on her website and Instagram.