The Niffler is Redmayne's character, Newt Scamander's, naughtiest and most adorable beast.

photo: Warner Bros.

Per the "Harry Potter" wikia page (and Scamander's own words), Nifflers are attracted to shiny things above all, making them useful treasure hunters for goblins. 

However, if they're left to their own devices — like Scamander's is multiple times in the film — they tend to go apeshit and steal coins and jewels like true hustlers.

Basically, The Niffler in this film in like Baby Groot but with Joanne the Scammer's specific interests.

photo: Warner Bros.

Like Ms. Joanne Prada, Niffler loves robbery and fraud — he even robs a very caucasian bank at one point in the film.

And like Baby Groot, he's squee-levels of CGI adorable.

Cute as he is, Kim Kardashian should avoid this Niffler at all costs.

photo: Warner Bros.


I tell no lies.

Because The Niffler is here for your bling, no matter what Newt Scamander-Schmamander and his fancy magic suitcase says to the alternative.

photo: Warner Bros.

So of course, the "Harry Potter" fandom (I guess the "Fantastic Beasts" fandom, now) is already latching on to Niffler like ... well, Niffler, to your wallet.

There's already a Niffler Funko POP! toy, and on this day, it's all that truly matters.

photo: Funko

You can have your own Niffler for $9.99.

Well, $9.99 plus whatever he steals from your caucasian home.

Vulture writer Kyle Buchanan thinks Niffler needs his own, Avengers-style spin-off.

We just so happen to agree.

And while many are comparing him to BB-8 from "Star Wars," that droid WISHES he had Niffler's style.

All hail The Niffler, swooping in to slay your "Harry Potter"-verse faves.

photo: Warner Bros.

RIP, Dobby, Buckbeak, Norbert(a), and other beloved CGI Potter-verse creatures of yesteryear. You were cute, but nothing can beat our Niffler.