"Black Panther" and "Fifty Shades Freed" are both currently in theaters — but that's about all these two films have in common. 

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So when a theater in Atlanta accidentally started playing "Fifty Shades" during what was supposed to be a "Black Panther" screening, viewers definitely noticed...

Over the weekend, a theater made the grave mistake of switching "Black Panther" with "Fifty Shades Freed," and the audience's reaction was priceless. 

Upon realizing that "Fifty Shades Freed" was playing instead of "Black Panther," the audience erupted. 

"NO!" viewers began shouting. "It's the opposite movie." 

Thankfully, the theater made a quick fix, and viewers were able to find humor in the situation.

In fact, some audience members might just check out "Fifty Shades Freed" after seeing that (unintentional) teaser.

Theater that showed "Fifty Shades Freed" instead of "Black Panther"
photo: Twitter

Who knew "Fifty Shades of Black Panther" would turn out to be quite the hit. 

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