photo: Tumblr

The trailer for Disney's "Moana" is out — and it's pretty great. But why do we only get two seconds of Moana in the trailer for a movie about Moana?! 

The long-awaited trailer for Disney's new feature-length animated film debuted Sunday (June 12) and introduces the first Polynesian Disney princess, Moana Waialiki, who travels the seas with a fallen demigod named Maui as they search for a mythical island. Moana is played by young Hawaiian actress Auli'i Cravalho, and Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson plays her travel pal Maui. 

The trailer focuses mostly on Maui's backstory — in it, he boasts to Moana about all of the macho things he has accomplished over the years. Let's just say Moana seems less than impressed with his various accomplishments. 

I'm not complaining — the character of Maui is instantly charming, an ode to Robin Williams' Genie in 1991's "Aladdin." Plus, The Rock is the shit. But what is Moana like?! Is she suffering from extreme ennui, like Jasmine, or is she a wanderer and a feeler, like Pocahontas? TBH, this trailer does not pass the Bechdel test. But I'm sure the movie will. 

Also, did you hear a familiar voice on the soundtrack? That would be Tony Award winner Lin-Manuel Miranda, who wrote and performed several songs for the film, so you know the soundtrack is going to be bomb too. 

Watch below: