Cole Sprouse fans (which is almost everyone at this rate), prepare yourselves! Sprouse's first feature film appearance since 1999's Big Daddy is just on the horizon. On March 15, Five Feet Apart will premiere across the nation, and fans of the TV star will likely fill every single movie theater seat imaginable when it happens.

The film was directed by Justin Baldoni, whom you likely know as the suave and sexy love interest Rafael Solano on The CW's hit show Jane the Virgin. Much unlike his own series, Five Feet Apart takes on a somber tone and follows two teenagers who have cystic fibrosis and fall in love despite not being allowed to be in close physical proximity to each other.

Sprouse's Riverdale character, Jughead Jones, is the perfect mix of snarky, charming, smart, and rebellious — and it seems his character in this film isn't much different. Frankly, that's to be expected if you follow Sprouse on Twitter and are frequently subjected to his never-ending sass.

Though the film's debut is just another short week or so away, its creators have just shared a never-before-seen clip from what appears to be the beginning of the film. Watch it in its entirety below and just try not to swoon over Sprouse's on-brand, salty attitude toward authority.