It's been six years since we last saw Anna, Elsa, and Olaf on the big screen. 

Frozen became wildly successful after its release in 2013, with a Broadway re-creation, multiple spin-off shorts, and makeup lines based on the movie. Fans were obsessed with the loving sister relationship portrayed in the film, and "Let It Go" became an anthem for a generation.

It was only a matter of time before Disney capitalized on the success of the first film and followed up with a sequel. When Disney dropped the teaser trailer, more than 116 million people streamed it within the first 24 hours, making it the most viewed animated trailer of all time. 

Now the creatives at Walt Disney Studio have graced us with another sneak peek at the November release. 

Disney dropped the new trailer on Good Morning America and revealed that the band of friends will travel to distant lands to harness Elsa's powers. 

"The past is not what it seems. The new trailer for #Frozen2 is here," the movie's Twitter account shared. The trailer is much darker than the first movie, but also way more magical. Elsa's powers have definitely grown, but as Grand Pabbie warns, they may not be enough to save them. "We have always feared Elsa's powers were too much for this world. Now we must hope that they are enough." He tells them they need to travel north to discover the truth about her past. 

Kristen Bell (Anna) shared to her Instagram the film's poster ahead of the trailer's release. 

The trailer shows the two sisters looking ominous in the trees. Bell captioned something a little less dire, "Check back in tomorrow for a tasty Frozen treat :) :) :) #Frozen2," the film's star wrote. What made the film so beloved was the relationship between Anna and Elsa, not to mention the countless catchy songs. Fans are excited to see what new tunes will come out of the second film, but are also curious as to how much darker the new movie will be. 

Josh Gad (Olaf) tweeted the trailer with an exciting message. 

The anticipation is killing us. "Get ready. You have no idea. This November — #frozen2," Gad wrote. 

The trailer didn't reveal much more about the highly under wraps plotline. After the teaser dropped, fans began theorizing what the new film could be about, and all signs pointed toward a darker, more adventurous storyline. 

Either way, the next movie definitely looks vastly different from the first. 

Even from the two posters, it's clear the next installment of the Disney franchise is a totally different story. The first movie's poster is all glitter and smiles, whereas the sequel is set in a misty, foreboding forest. One fan thought the second poster was a move in the right direction and tweeted, "the glow up #Frozen2."

It's clear the past six years were spent crafting a breathtaking universe, because the animation is spectacular. 

The sisters, Olaf, plus Sven and Kristoff explore beyond Arendelle. In the sequel, Anna and Olaf rush down river rapids in a frozen canoe, Sven and Kristoff cart the gang away from Elsa's glowing ice palace, and Elsa treads water in the ocean. The Frozen universe has definitely expanded, and it looks absolutely stunning. "New #Frozen2 stills show off a brave new world," this Fandom Twitter account shared along with stills from the trailer. 

Elsa and Anna's sister relationship takes the front seat in this film once again. 

It's already clear that the relationship beloved by fans is still a main plot point in the upcoming film. The duo travel north together, and Anna is protective of her sister just like in the first movie. In one sweet moment from the trailer, the two are holding hands, prepared to tackle whatever danger comes their way. Anna tells the troll Grand Pabbie in the trailer, "I won't let anything happen to her." 

Some people think that because the trailer dropped during Pride Month, and due to some elements from the trailers, Elsa could have her coming out moment. 

"Let It Go" was well received by all, but especially by those in the LGBTQ community. Some people thought it represented Elsa's acceptance of her sexuality as well as her powers. The hashtag, #GiveElsaAGirlfriend trended following the release of the first movie, and now people are hoping Disney has decided to make its first openly LGBTQ princess. 

"Elsa hanging out with a water unicorn is gay rights and you can't tell me otherwise," one eager fan tweeted. 

Other people are theorizing that this film could crossover with another popular Disney movie from a similar region. 

The Frozen universe already exists within the same universe as Tangled, which was proven when eagle-eyed fans spotted Rapunzel and Eugene in a final scene of the first film. Now people are noticing similarities from the Scotland-based princess movie Brave. This would be the first time Disney princesses crossed over in one another's films, but judging from fans' love of the princesses together in Ralph Breaks the Internet, it's not entirely impossible. 

"In the #Frozen2 trailer, grandpa rock dude says go north, and they're in Norway, but later it looks like they are at the Callanish Stones (same ones from Brave), when Scotland is South of Norway? There are other similarities as well, like the trees in the poster," one fan tweeted. 

The first teaser trailer showed fans a darker side to the Frozen universe. 

When this record-breaking trailer dropped, fans were shocked at the thrilling adventure elements to the movie. What fans remember most about the first installment was the loving sisterly bond, Olaf's punchy, quotable lines, and some action. The next movie clearly has a lot more adventure and darkness. Fans can find out what happens when the sequel releases on November 22.