photo: Brittany Fowler for Revelist

The 2016 “Ghostbusters” didn’t just bring us a supernatural action comedy full of fun, capable women — it also gave us a cool new uniform for busting ghosts that’s sure to be a Halloween hit. 

There are already lots of different kinds of storebought uniforms out there; you can get yourself one that basically looks like a pair of pajamas for $36 at Walmart, or you can splurge $150 or more for a movie-quality cosplay. But what if you’d rather make something yourself without breaking the bank? Isn’t that closer to the true spirit of the Ghostbusters anyway?

\Here’s how we made our own version of the costume for a little less than $45:


First, check out our video:

Now, let's break it down step by step:


Get yourself a tan jumpsuit or coverall and some orange reflector ribbon.

photo: Brittany Fowler for Revelist

The coverall we used is from Dickey’s men’s collection and costs $35.99 on Amazon, but it was also very big for our model’s 5’4” body, so if you're also a tiny person your results may vary. 

We also picked up 3 meters of orange ribbon for $3.54 on Amazon. Heads up, though, you might need more than that depending on your size — we barely had any left over!


Wrap the orange ribbon around the coverall to measure out how much you'll need.

photo: Brittany Fowler for Revelist

We cut a little extra just to make sure it fit around when we started gluing, which ended up by sheer coincidence being the exact amount we needed for the arms later.


Then hot glue the stripe in place.

photo: Brittany Fowler for Revelist

As you can see we totally freestyled it, but if you’re worried about the stripe being uneven, secure it in place with straight pins and remove them as you glue each section.


Repeat with another stripe just under the first one.

photo: Brittany Fowler for Revelist

If you really want to go above and beyond and you have access to a sewing machine, you can also sew the stripes in place — just make sure you have orange thread!


And then do the same with the arms.

photo: Brittany Fowler for Revelist

Make sure that they line up with where you put the stripes along the chest.


Finally, get yourself a Ghostbusters patch and glue it to the right shoulder.

photo: Brittany Fowler for Revelist

These are really easy to get online — ours was $4.30 on Amazon.


Accessorize the look with black boots, black fingerless gloves, and maybe a pair of goggles or a “Patty” necklace (depending on who you’re dressing as) — and you’re all set!

photo: Brittany Fowler for Revelist

Not counting tools and accessories, this only cost us $43.83 to put together, and will definitely impress your friends more than a storebought costume. Now all you need is a ghost to take down — or at least a jerk on the Internet who says you’re not good enough!


Just be careful with props — especially if you're going for a Holtzmann look.

photo: Brittany Fowler for Revelist

When it comes to sexy action-licking, hot glue guns > proton pack blasters. I found that out the hard way.