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Reviews for the highly anticipated "Ghostbusters" reboot, in theaters this Friday (July 15), have begun to surface online, and they're largely positive. Rotten Tomatoes currently has the film scored at a solid 79 percent, and the majority of critics, from those at the New York Times to Time Magazine, are calling it an entertaining success (*cue global sigh of relief*). 

This is undoubtedly good news, right? Well it is, unless you're one of the movie's die-hard sexist decriers. It appears the same people who led to the movie's trailer becoming the most disliked video in YouTube history are pretty damn butthurt about the good reviews it's getting. And some of these petulant man-children are still convinced they can make the reboot tank.

Redditor Better_Butter321 posted a comment Sunday (July 10) that alluded to "Ghostbusters" haters allegedly removing positive reviews of the movie from Reddit.

Is this real life?

I'm gonna say no, honestly. This stance is highly inconsistent with the Redditor's previous comments about the film (including that they find the controversy "hilarious"). So what's more likely happening here is some user of the internet is attempting to out-troll the trolls (because that's such a meaningful use of time) and drum up more controversy for kicks. And it worked. 

Ultimately, there ARE a lot of butthurt Redditors unhappy with the film's praise.

This dude says he's boycotting the movie "on principle" because it's actually Sony (and not the misogynistic haters) who's throwing the "childish tantrum." Hmm.

"I am not a simpleton who is pursuaded (sic) by 'like this movie or you're a misogynist hater', and since that is the tact they choose, I have to opt out entirely on principle. I do not want this to become a recurring trend with future entertainment endeavors," wrote LegoMischief.  "I will not be spending a dime on anything related to 'Ghostbusters' 2016. No toys, no movie tickets, no Blu Rays, and no Lego or Lego Dimensions sets. I do not endorse childish tantrums by big studios." 

Another Redditor in the same thread agreed, saying, "My problem? Social Justice political bullshit. They're using a beloved franchise as a vehicle to push a world view."

Apparently these commentors would rather ignore the fact the franchise HAS been the target of sexist hate, to the point where Leslie Jones almost deleted her Twitter in March. Especially given neither of these commentors has yet seen the film, to denounce it already is what's childish. 

Posted supposedly in defense of the movie, this Redditor believes doing a female-led reboot "just seems a bit angry."

Perpetuating "angry feminist" stereotypes, much?

While this dude believes it's "dumb" for girls to need heroes, and claimed there'd be rioting in the streets for the same gender-swap to happen in "Star Wars."

Another Redditor is pissed, not that the movie stars women, but that it was shot in Boston ... ?

Regardless of their specific justification, these bitter men-children's tears are rich in sodium.

So. Many. Salty-Ass Tears.

This user had the best possible response to all the "Ghostbusters" Reddit fuckery, though.

Seriously, you could be outside catching Pokémon. Get off the computer in your mom's basement and do something actually ~*productive*~ with your time. Sheesh.