photo: Warner Bros.

It's pretty clear by now that Margot Robbie's Harley Quinn is the real star of Warner Bros.' upcoming "Suicide Squad" movie — and with good reason, since she's the only character on the team with any name recognition for non-comic-loving audiences. So it's not surprising that rumors of a solo spin-off movie have already started to take hold within Hollywood

But it's not just a solo-led Harley movie, oh no. According to sources for The Hollywood Reporter, Warner Bros. is looking at a whole Harley-led team-up movie ... where all of the other lead characters are also women. 

That's right, nerds: They might be doing Birds of Prey.


photo: NBC

Obviously details are few and far between, but here's what THR is certain about: there is a script being written, by a female writer whose name has been kept under wraps, and the terms "Batgirl" and "Birds of Prey" — which is the name of the all-female superhero team DC Comics first began publishing in the mid '90s — have been used.

Even better, the whole project appears to have been inspired by Margot Robbie's fanatical devotion to the DC universe — after getting very invested in the source material while researching her role for "Suicide Squad," she brought on the writer to develop the idea with her and pitch it to Warner Brothers. 

photo: DC Comics

"Birds Of Prey" adaptations have been attempted in the past; there was a short-lived 2002 WB television series which featured Batgirl, Huntress and Black Canary, with Harley Quinn as the villain. There was also a recent episode of the CW series "Arrow" entitled "Birds of Prey," which featured Laurel and Sara Lance teaming up to take down The Huntress. While not comprised of the same line-up, the DC Super Hero Girls franchise also features a similarly all-female group and is targeted primarily at young girls.

If this movie gets the go-ahead, however, it will be the first all-female superhero team in modern films since ... ever. Considering how badly "Batman v Superman" went for Warner Bros., as well as how much excitement there is over the solo Wonder Woman movie and Harley Quinn in "Suicide Squad," it's understandable why they'd think to go in a different direction with an all-female team. It certainly doesn't hurt that they're the first superhero film franchise to even suggest such a thing, either (unless you count that female-led Sony movie that never happened). 

Now all they have to do is greenlight the movie — and not screw it up in the process.