photo: Pottermore

Shortly after we were given our first look at the grown-up Potter family in the "Harry Potter and the Cursed Child" play, Pottermore hit us right in the feels again by debuting the first images of adult Ron, Hermione, and their daughter, Rose, Wednesday morning (June 1). But while we were busy clutching dramatically at our hearts and uttering phrases like "I can't," some users of the internet felt the need to continue the racist backlash that began with the news that a Black actress (Noma Dumezweni) had been cast to play Hermoine back in December. 

But, as some Twitter users quickly pointed out, the controversy is not only racist, it's hypocritical. People will protest a character's race being changed from white to Black, yet very little was said when the "Harry Potter" franchise re-cast Lavender Brown. Played by two different Black actresses (Kathleen Cauley and Jennifer Smith) in the second and third films, Lavender suddenly became white for "Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince." 

The timing of this race-change is significant. While Lavender was little more than a non-speaking background role in the previous films, she had a much bigger part as Ron's love interest in "Half-Blood Prince."

The implications behind why a white actress was subbed in as soon as the storyline became romantic are just awful.

Other "Harry Potter" fans have pointed out this hypocrisy as well, and their message to Black Hermione-haters is clear: Ain't nobody got time for your shit.

Hermione was already groundbreaking as a character. Casting her as a Black witch (in an interracial marriage, with mixed children) just takes her to a new, even more glorious level.

Sorry, Voldemorts.