Disney+ is finally here, which means there is so much great new and old content to watch. 

Of course, all of the old-school Disney movies like Snow White and classics dating all the way back to the 1920s are available on the streaming service. But there's also everything from the Star Wars and Marvel series. And let's not forget about all that is Pixar.

Pixar has always had the incredible ability to evoke emotion out of animated situations. Movies like Up and Inside Out spark tears every time, but even some of the shorts have the power to draw tears in less than 10 minutes. 

We've put together a playlist of Pixar's most heartwarming and happy-tear-inducing films, so grab the tissues. And if you haven't downloaded Disney+, then go purchase the service for $6.99 per month. 

Inside Out taught kids and adults alike about their emotions. 

Watching little Riley go through puberty and experience changing emotions was both heartwarming and heartbreaking. Five emotions controlled Riley's life: joy, anger, sadness, disgust, and fear. In the end, they found a balance that left Riley feeling in control.

Anyone who has seen even the first 10 minutes of Up knows how heartbreaking of a film it is. 

Before the main events of the film even begin, Up takes viewers on a journey through one man's life and the love he shared with his wife. It left viewers in tears in theaters the first time they saw it and will have you sobbing, even if it's the one-hundredth time you've watched it. Plus, the rest of the movie is totally heartwarming as Russell and Carl Fredricksen adventure together. 

Bao won the Oscar for Best Animated Short Film, and it's obvious why. 

The bizarre but heartwarming story of a mother and child is told through cooking Asian dumplings called bao. The coming-of-age story is relatable to anyone who has watched a child grow up and gains independence from their parents. But it's so sweet and visually appealing to watch that it might make you hungry after getting all teared up. 

Toy Story 3 was undoubtedly the saddest film in the saga. 

In Toy Story 3, Andy finally grows up and goes to college, and has to leave his toys behind. The final moment of the film is so sweet and nostalgic for those who grew up watching the franchise. Of course, the saga keeps going with Toy Story 4 and the new short series Forky Asks a Question on Disney+. 

Wall-E proved that Pixar can make anything emotional, even nonhuman robots who only communicate through beeps and blips. 

Wall-E and Eva were the couple of the century and absolute goals for robots and humans everywhere. The story was also a commentary on our society's reliance on technology and a warning of what might come if we don't stay active and protect our planet. Either way, all parts of the story are totally tear-inducing. 

Ratatouille is a surprisingly sweet story about rats. It shows that anyone can follow their dreams no matter what you look like or what species you are. 

Remy and Linguini are two unlikely friends who start a partnership to be the best chef in all of Paris. The theme throughout the movie is that "anyone can cook," and that with hard work and help from friends anyone can follow their dreams. 

Lava is the greatest love story of our generation. 

Another short film, Lava is a sweet love story about waiting for the one. Set to the tune of an original song, "I Lava You," the two main characters are volcanoes slowly making their way toward each other until finally colliding. Not only is it a heartfelt love story but it's also a geology lesson in a span of seven minutes. 

Everyone loved the character Forky so much in Toy Story 4 that they've given him his own spin-off. The first episode of Forky Asks a Question is "What Is Money?"

Forky hilariously questions the toy piggy bank Ham about currency and how to use money. While it's not the most educational, it is a sweet moment between the two characters. 

Forky was an existentialist spork who didn't quite understand life because he was meant to be trash all along. By the end of Toy Story 4, he accepted himself as a toy and found his place in Bonnie's toy chest among the rest of his friends. Now he's discovering the world around him by asking life's toughest questions. 

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