While critics and viewers are downright obsessed with Hustlers, and especially Jennifer Lopez's insane pole dancing skills, at least one person is less than impressed. 

The real-life inspiration behind Lopez's character Ramona, Samantha Barbash, is threatening to sue STX Productions for profiting from her likeness and telling her story without proper compensation. 

The former stripper and ringleader of the scam said in a New York magazine feature that she didn't think the movie portrayed her accurately. But Variety reports that the production company claims it had artistic freedom to the historic and public record regarding Barbash's life story. 

Samantha Barbash told TMZ that she was offered a part in the Hustlers movie, but that she wasn't going to be paid more than the cost of a designer bag.  

Barbash, the inspiration for the movie, was disappointed with the film and was upset with the lack of compensation. Barbash claimed that Lopez did not reach out to her about the character before filming the movie. 

"J.Lo doesn't work for free. Why would I?" she said in the interview. "Put it this way: I have Hermès bags that cost more than they wanted to give me." 

In a Vanity Fair article, Barbash said she was impressed with Lopez's performance, but didn't think she got the character right. "I was impressed with Jennifer. She was incredible. Her body looked incredible. She had it down to a T, but it wasn’t factual," she said in the article.

Barbash has said multiple times that she thought Cardi B would have presented a more accurate depiction of her. 

Because Cardi B had actually worked in a New York strip club and understands that world firsthand, Barbash thought Cardi should have portrayed her in the movie. "Cardi was in the strip club business. I think with an acting lesson she would have been great," Barbash told TMZ

However, she's still a J.Lo fan. Barbash told Vanity Fair, "I am still a J.Lo fan. I’m a Bronx native, how could I not be?" And, if Lopez gets nominated for an Oscar for her performance, the real-life inspiration would still root for her. 

STX Production is claiming artistic freedom over the story as a whole, so Barbash's threat is relatively unsubstantiated. 

Variety referenced a similar 2017 case that was won on the basis of artistic freedom. However, Barbash is claiming that her character was defamed because of a scene insinuating drug use that she said never happened. Ultimately, though, Hustlers is a fictional story based on true events.

Barbash threatened to sue if she was not compensated for the rights to her story within 10 days. An STX Productions spokesperson said, "We will defend our right to tell factually based stories based on the public record and look forward to resolving this matter before a judge," according to Variety.

The other real-life inspirations behind the story talked to ABC News in a 20/20 feature about the movie and what really happened. 

In a three-part series, ABC News interviewed the real women the story was based on and one of their victims. The woman whom Constance Wu portrayed in the film, Roselyn Keo, dove deep into their story. With the newfound publicity, Barbash is planning a memoir that tells her side of the scam.