The second It takes place 27 years following the first installment, so the kids have been replaced by talented actors who highly resemble their young counterparts. The trailer for the sequel is even more frightening than the first, with Pennywise getting a bit of a makeover. 

Stephen King wrote the novel It in 1986, which was then adapted into the iconic horror film in 1990. Ironically, 27 years later the film was given a modernized update with a new cast in 2017.

One of the best parts of the 2017 remake was the gang of Losers Club kids and their on- and off-screen chemistry, including Stranger Things' Finn Wolfhard. So now the characters have grown up, fans have the opportunity to see what their dynamic is like years after the events that scarred them.   

Finn Wolfhard/Bill Hader as Richie Tozier

Young and Adult Richie Tozier in "IT"
photo: Warner Brothers

Bespectacled, foul-mouth Richie Tozier was played by Finn Wolfhard of Stranger Things in the first adaptation of the horror film. Now Bill Hader will take on the role wearing similar thick glasses as his young counterpart did. In the Stephen King novel, adult Richie is a radio DJ living in Beverly Hills when he gets the call from Mike Hanlon that the horrific clown has returned. 

Jack Dylan Grazer/James Ransone as Eddie Kaspbrak

Young and Adult Eddie Kaspbrak in "IT"
photo: Warner Brothers

Hypochondriac and fearful child Eddie was portrayed by Jack Dylan Grazer, who starred alongside Zachary Levi in Shazam! A remarkably similar looking James Ransone plays a grown-up verison of the character. Ransone is most notable for his work in the horror series Sinister. In the 27 years since the events in Derry, Eddie marries an overprotective woman reminiscent of his mother and owns a limousine company with celebrity clients in New York City. 

Sophia Lillis/Jessica Chastain as Beverly Marsh

Young and Adult Beverly Marsh in "IT"
photo: Warner Brothers

Clearly the feelings between Beverly and Bill have not entirely dissipated in the 27 years they've been apart, as is evident from these similar shots from the first movie and the trailer for the sequel. Jessica Chastain plays an older version of Sophia Lillis' Beverly Marsh, who is now living as a fashion designer in Chicago with a controlling boyfriend. She rejoins the members of the Losers Club and her former flame when Mike Hanlon calls them to return. 

Jaeden Martell/James McAvoy as Bill Denbrough

Young and Adult Bill Denbrough in "IT"
photo: Warner Brothers

James McAvoy took over the part of the group's leader, Bill, who lost his brother, Georgie, to Pennywise in the first film. The clown antagonized the stuttering kid incessantly throughout the first movie, and he hasn't been able to shake him since. As an adult, Bill is a successful writer who is married. 

Jeremy Ray Taylor/Jay Ryan as Ben Hanscom

Young and Adult Ben Hanscom in "IT"
photo: Warner Brothers

Ben went through the most impressive glow-up since the events of the first film. He went from being the pudgy bibliophile to a flat-out hunk. Somehow, the casting directors managed to find an actor who still had spot-on facial features like Jeremy Ray Taylor's. Ben has an adorable crush on Beverly in the first It film, but it is sadly unrequited — perhaps that will change in the events of the sequel. 

Chosen Jacobs/Isaiah Mustafa as Mike Hanlon

Young and Adult Mike Hanlon in "IT"
photo: Warner Brothers

Mike Hanlon is the only member of the Losers Club to remain in Derry after everything went down, and he is charged with calling the group back together when things start to go awry again. As an adult, Mike is the town librarian and starts to notice a pattern reminiscent of the town's traumatic past when kids start to go missing again. Mustafa has appeared in a variety of films, like the 2011 comedy Horrible Bosses, but this is one of his biggest roles to date. 

Wyatt Oleff/Andy Bean as Stanley Uris 

Young and Adult Stanley Uris in "IT"
photo: Warner Brothers/Entertainment Weekly

Wyatt Oleff portrayed the fearful Stan Uris, the most skeptical of the Losers Club, who had some of the most violent encounters with the killer clown. In the final trailer, Stan's adult character does not make an appearance, but one of his bloodied hands does. In the book, when Stan gets the call that It has returned, he commits suicide. 

Despite his limited screen time, an adult actor has been cast to play the older version of Wyatt Oleff's Stan Uris: Andy Bean, who was seen in the Entertainment Weekly cover shoot of the adult cast. Bean is pictured in between Chastain and Hader on the front cover. 

Watch the trailer below if you dare. It already looks so much scarier than the first one. 

If you thought the first trailer, a teaser in which Beverly (Chastain) explores her childhood home only to be ambushed by the shapeshifting clown, then prepare to be truly horrified. The second trailer showcases all of the adult actors taking over for the iconic Losers Club kids. They've returned to Derry to put an end to Pennywise once and for all, but he's not going down without a fight.