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Jennifer Lopez, Constance Wu, Lili Reinhart, and Keke Palmer of the upcoming, highly anticipated movie Hustlers have graced us with yet another selfie from the set. In full stripper glam with big-as-your-face hoops, popping blue eye shadow, tight minidresses, and even a wad of cash (go Keke), the leading ladies of the film look fierce in their attire.

The movie, which also stars Cardi B, Julia Stiles, Madeline Brewer, and even more A-list celebrities, is based on a New York magazine article about a group of strippers that scammed some Wall Street sleazebags. 

The actors are working hard to get into stripper shape and learn the moves to properly portray these women, but the costumes may be what takes this movie to the next level. 

It's no secret that J.Lo already had an insanely fit bod, but take a look at her as Ramona.

The triple-threat star has plenty of dance background that assumedly prepared her for the role of this exotic dancer. According to her costar Julia Stiles, who plays the journalist who wrote the article about the dancers, Lopez dished out some major acting chops as well. As if we weren't already impressed enough, the actor went on to post this image showcasing her rock-hard, well, everything.  

Jenny From the Block is BACK in this early 2000s fashion — lip ring and all.  

Lopez's badass boss energy is oozing out of this shot from the set. That fur coat, the massive hoops, the subtle lip piercing; it's like we stepped into a time machine. The early 2000s icon is no stranger to this type of style, and it's a fun excuse to throw it back to one of her most iconic songs and video. 

Lopez isn't the only castmember with pipes; let's not forget Keke Palmer can SING.

The actor posted this video of herself singing "When You Believe," a song about miracles, shortly after she performed alongside one of her biggest inspirations. She wrote, "I grew up watching her videos, and I always admired her dancing. My first scene was with her, and it was everything I wanted it to be... That is a MIRACLE, much like me, the little girl from the south suburbs of Illinois standing beside her. Living my wildest dreams."

Palmer also showed off her pole-dancing training. 

Pole dancing is clearly going to be a key element of the film, and it's going to take all of the actors (except maybe Cardi) a lot of practice. Palmer, who once starred in PG films like Akeelah and the Bee and Jump In, is putting that behind her with this gritty, exotic dancing drama. 

As we know, the film is to be released on September 13, which just so happens to be one of the castmember's birthday. HBD, Lili!

The friendships between the real-life actors of the film is what has already drawn so many people to it. With all of the selfies, group pictures, and supportive comments from the girl group, it's obvious why the film has such an early onset fanbase. Reinhart's 23rd birthday is bound to be a wild party with all of her newfound besties. 

Speaking of Reinhart, here is another look at her training for the pole. 

photo: Instagram/lilireinhart

I know, I know this photo is starting to look familiar. But it's crazy impressive that Reinhart was able to get to such advanced stripper moves so quickly! Plus, it has me wondering if dark Betty will be whipping out any of these moves for Riverdale... probably not, as the actor said she's done with that side of her character, but a girl can dream. 

On set, Madeline Brewer poses in heavy, dark eye makeup and a sultry lavender dress. 

Brewer has previously starred in The Handmaid's Tale and Orange Is the New Black, so she's no stranger to dark woman-centric dramas. She plays Dawn in the upcoming film, and has already filmed scenes with Lopez, in which both look luxe in their heavy fur coats. 

Newcomer Stormi Maya will also be in the film playing the role of Angel.

Maya, who can be found in Spike Lee's Netflix show She's Gotta Have It, posted on Twitter about the release date in an excited video where she announced who she'd be playing in the film. 

And, of course, Cardi B will be making her feature film debut. 

Cardi B has been outspoken about her rise to fame from humble beginnings. In this interview, she explains how excited she is to work alongside Jennifer Lopez and to bring awareness to issues close to her heart. 

Until the film premieres, we'll have to survive on more behind-the-scenes images like this one. 

photo: Getty Images

Looks like one more star has made their debut in the film — this tiny chihuahua pup. Lopez was seen grinning ear to ear and loving on the little fur baby. While it's undetermined if that was in character or not, here's hoping this pup will be making more than one appearance.