Cardi B, Jennifer Lopez, Lili Reinhart, and Julia Stiles are gearing up to star in the upcoming movie about con-artist strippers called Hustlers, and it's making some serious waves. The movie, based on a true 2015 story by New York Magazine, chronicles the story of a group of exotic dancers who scam high-level Wall Street bankers out of their money, and basically, it's iconic. 

The film, which began filming last month, is expected to be released next year, and people (us included) are already losing it. With a predominately female cast and a female writer slash director, this film is all about girl power and scamming, of course. 

With such a star-studded cast, including Cardi B who will be making her motion picture debut, the selection of actresses is looking like a match made in stripper heaven. Another character, and the one that fans may be the most excited about, is J.Lo's. Of course, the star of films such as Maid In Manhattan, Monster-In-Law, and Enough, is no stranger to mega motion pictures, and it's suspected that her character will be the ring-leader of it all, which we think is extremely appropriate. 

And though it's too early for previews or anything of the sort, that hasn't stopped the cast from speaking out about their experiences on set. Take Julia Stiles for instance, who says that Lopez is quite the skilled stripper. Check it out.