In her latest film, Kristen Stewart plays a celebrity personal shopper — but the flick is definitely more "freaky" than ~fashion~.

Kristen Stewart new movie Personal Shopper
photo: IFC

Directed by Olivier Assayas, the movie — which is fittingly named "Personal Shopper" — is a ghost story set in the fashion underworld of Paris. 

(After "Twilight," Stewart just can't seem to shake the paranormal movie roles, can she?)

The official trailer for "Personal Shopper" shows a bored-looking Stewart buying clothes for a famous Parisian actress.

photo: IFC

Stewart's job might seem fabulous, but things begin to get dark when the personal shopper starts receiving signs from her twin brother, Lewis — who died in her family home just 95 days beforehand.

Stewart's character starts seeing X's scratched into walls and furniture, and she feel like she's surrounded by a paranormal presence...

...And then her boss is murdered. (Cue the screams)

Although it premiered at Cannes to mixed reviews, "Personal Shopper" promises to be a thriller.

Celebrity murder, overwhelming grief, creepy spirits, and K. Stew? Count me in. 

"Personal Shopper" hits theaters March 10.

Watch the official trailer above.