The Little Mermaid Cast
photo: Disney/Getty Images

The casting of the upcoming Little Mermaid movie may be one of the most talked-about things on social media right now. Everyone is proclaiming their opinions in hopes that Disney will take their casting wishes into consideration. And as production for the film heats up and more announcements about the roles are made, black Twitter is making it known who they want to see on the big screen. 

From Michael B. Jordan to Queen Latifah to Popcaan, the asks have been endless and brilliant all at the same time. So ahead, check out who black Twitter is vouching to star in the live-action film; we're loving the suggestions so far. 

First up, there's the casting of Prince Eric.

While Michael B. Jordan is pretty much the dreamiest person ever, we're not quite sure how that casting would play out. 

"Honestly Halle Bailey and Michael B. Jordan would look good as Ariel and Prince Eric," one person tweeted. 

"For a dollar name another Black actor I beg of you!!" someone said in response. 

Then there's Jordan Fisher, whom the internet swooned over during the live productions of Grease and Rent.

The classically trained singer and actor would actually be an amazing choice. 

"Disney please give us @Jordan_Fisher as prince eric we already know you love him and he is broadway trained and @Lin_Manuel loves him so therefore everyone should," someone wrote, begging for his involvement. 

And who better to play Sebastian than a Jamaican superstar?

The Caribbean rapper Popcaan would play the role of the crab perfectly, accent and all. 

"Popcaan as Sebastian in the Little Mermaid would be like 'undah da seaaaaa, wine up for meeeeeee,'" a fan joked. 

But then again, Spice would be brilliant as well. 

The dancehall singer and Jamaican firecracker would take the personality of Sebastian to new heights. She's energetic, vibrant, and would join Halle Bailey as one of the fantastic vocalists in the movie. 

"Yall dont know how much i need this," someone tweeted about the possibility. 

And what about Queen Latifah as Ursula?

Let's be real, Melissa McCarthy is great, but the Queen would be immaculate!

"I thought we already had Ursula cast!?! #LittleMermaid No disrespect to Melissa McCarthy (cuz we love her) but Queen Latifah would have been PERFECT! I mean...look these pictures are practically previews," a fan wrote. 

But if Disney is looking for hilarity, there is only one option for the role of Ursula.

Tituss Burgess would kill it, and he'd leave us all hunched over in constant laughter while doing it. Because Ursula is, in fact, based on a famous drag queen, why not?

"Look I love Lizzo and I love Melissa McCarthy but other than a resurrected Divine THERE IS ONLY ONE URSULA FOR ME," someone proclaimed. 

And of course, King Triton's casting is crucial. 

And while the deep bellow of Samuel L. Jackson's tone is King Triton personified, if Idris Elba's voice paired with his British accent was there, women everywhere may just about faint. 

"If King Triton is not played by Samuel Jackson or Idris Elba, I won’t accept it," someone suggested. 

So who would you cast? We want to know!