As excitement builds around the announcement of the latest Disney live-action remake, The Little Mermaid, another follows. Mulan is coming in 2020, and the first trailer dropped on July 7, causing some fans to complain about a few missing elements. 

Some of the highlights of the animated story were the wise-cracking dragon Mushu plus iconic musical numbers such as "Reflection" and "I'll Make a Man Out of You." But rumors circulating around the film's production hint that Mushu and the musical numbers have been erased. Now that the trailer has dropped, it appears those rumors have been confirmed. 

From the trailer, it's clear that the movie takes on a more serious tone and focuses on Mulan's abilities in war as opposed to light-hearted elements such as the animal sidekicks. Fans of the 1998 Disney classic have expressed outrage at the omission, while others are glad that the film is taking on an even more feminist approach. 

Fans of Eddie Murphy's talking dragon are understandably upset by the big change. 

According to reports on set, Mulan's guardian dragon has been replaced with a phoenix. There's also a different potential love interest as opposed to General Li Shang, who sings "I'll Make a Man Out of You." Shang has been replaced with Chen Honghui, played by Yoson An. As opposed to being Mulan's superior, this new potential love interest is an important ally and new recruit in Mulan's same unit under Commander Tung, played by Donnie Yen. 

All of these changes had some fans disappointed: "No Shang No music NO MUSHU DISHONOR ON YOU, DISHONOR ON YOUR COW!" one wrote.

Mushu's jokes certainly elevated the animated film, but his omission might actually be a good move on Disney's part. 

While some Disney films centered around the music, the original Mulan had a strong enough story that its fantastical elements weren't necessarily needed. Plus, if Mushu is getting replaced with a phoenix, there will still be some fantasy aspects to tide over Disney fans.  

One enraged fan tweeted, "Show us Mushu, cowards! #Mulan" along with a clip from the original in which Mushu explains the difference between a dragon and a lizard. 

Fans of the 1998 version are capitalizing on Mushu's iconic "dishonor" quote. 

Mushu would be disappointed to find out that while he got the boot from the live-action remake, Mulan's cow — ahem, I mean, horse — Khan has already been featured in the trailer. 

One fan tweeted, "Me when Disney doesn’t show my boy Mushu:" along with a gif of the guardian dragon spreading dishonor: "Dishonor on you, dishonor on your cow."

Change is hard but necessary to re-create this powerful story.

The titular heroine played by Yifei "Crystal" Liu was one of Disney's first true feminist characters in the groundbreaking story. The 1998 animated movie won a Golden Globe and an Academy Award. It has kept a strong fan base that will still show up in droves to see the update. This fan certainly will:

"*cries watching the #Mulan trailer*
*listens to I’ll Make A Man Out of You*
*remembers there won’t be musical numbers or Mushu*
*cries some more*

One fan of the original film pointed out that it wasn't just a Disney creation to begin with. 

Disney took creative liberties with the historic tale of Mulan when it added a talking animal sidekick and peppy musical numbers, which made sense for the brand at the time. However, the story of Mulan dates far earlier than 1998 as one fan noted on Twitter. 

"Hua Mulan’s story dates to as early as 386 AD from a folk song & later a transcription in the 6th century. Disney’s live action film is attempting to honor the OG version for Western & Eastern (China) audiences. There is no Mushu or Li Shang in the original so please, shut up!"

The important character to focus on here is Mulan. 

The trailer shows off a totally different side to Mulan than the one fans will remember from the animated version. She has serious battle skills, has her bow and arrow ready to strike at all times, and has stunning martial arts training that Liu had in real life. 

"Y’all know I love talking cartoon dragons, hot Asian captains, and breaking out into song more than most people but I love Mulan kicking serious [redacted] in a more realistic wartime drama. Our girl’s wushu flipping across China while maintaining a perfect blowout and I am here for it," one person on Twitter noted. 

Mulan tells the important story of a young Chinese warrior, and removing its songs and talking dragons won't change that. 

The live-action cast is comprised almost entirely of people of Chinese descent, sticking to the truth of the story. Other big Chinese names on board are Jet Li, who will play the Emperor of China, and Gong Li, who will play a new villain in the movie: a witch. 

"While I love Mushu/the songs in the animated #Mulan, it’s Mulan’s story — her bravery, her strength, her heart — that’s always made it so special for me. This live-action story gives us a chance to learn more about Mulan, who taught so many little girls we could do anything," one fan wrote of the story on Twitter. 

The trailer has an entirely new tone to it, but fans can still hear the iconic music as instrumental songs featured in the background. 

As opposed to the music being typical song-and-dance numbers, it will instead be featured as an instrumental score placed behind the action sequences and scenes. The plot remains relatively the same: Mulan is preparing for an arranged marriage, and then takes her elderly father's place in war. The movie trailer does provide homage to the original through lines like, "I will bring honor to us all." 

The film will be released in spring 2020, but some reports suggest that March 27 is a likely date.