MAC Cosmetics has finally unveiled its full Aladdin makeup collection. The brand first announced that it would release makeup in partnership with Disney to celebrate the new live-action Aladdin film hitting theaters on May 24. The film will star Will Smith (Genie), Naomi Scott (Jasmine), and Mena Massoud (Aladdin) and as usual, Disney couldn't resist a makeup collection to accompany the resurgence of one of its most classic animated films. 

At the time (and to Aladdin fans' horror) it seemed that the collection would only include three products. 

The brand first revealed products from the MAC collection in early March. 

The photo displayed a bronzer, a nine-pain eye shadow palette, and a pink lipstick. The products were cute but fans had a few reservations about the color options and the amount of product. Why didn't the brand incorporate more makeup colors that represented the warm and jewel tones of the original Aladdin animated film? And why did the brand only show us three products? 

Thankfully, MAC Cosmetics has finally released photos of the entire MAC x Disney Aladdin makeup collection. 

We're still getting the eye shadow pan, bronzer compact, and lipstick but there's a little more to this Disney beauty tribute. The brand previewed more lipstick shades, lip glosses, and a highlighter. Any Disney fans with hearts set on the Aladdin-inspired collaboration should prepare their hearts. Make more room in those beauty bags for these grabs.

There are four lipsticks in the Aladdin makeup collection

The four lipsticks are Whole New World, Princess Incognito, Rajah (named after Jasmine's adorable pet tiger), and Friend Like Me. These lipsticks have a creamy matte finish. 

Peep the cute lipstick print swatches. 

These are everyday lipsticks in the nude, pink, and brown color families. Starting with the top shade and moving clockwise, these shades are Friend Like Me (beige nude), Whole New World (hot pink), Rajah (reddish brown), and Princess Incognito (terracotta). 

And here is what the Whole New World lipstick looks like on actual lips. 

LMAO. I won't lie. Beauty fans completely ROASTED the lipstick swatches on Instagram. This lip preview does look a tad messy. It's likely due to the pencil liners used. Either they were used to outline and just not blended very well afterward or this liner has some serious formula problems. Still, the actual hot pink lipstick looks pretty nice. 

The powder highlighter looks like a lighter champagne gold.

She's on the cooler side but definitely still a cutie. If you have a deeper skin tone, you can likely use this but it's best to blend it with a super careful hand. The shade looks like it can definitely get ashy very quickly if built up too much. Also, note how GORGEOUS, sleek, and fun the packaging is. 

Did I also spy loose pigment? Yes, I did!

The loose pigment will come in the shade Rose. Although not many images of the actual product are available, expect a rose color with gold reflects. You'll be able to use the pigment as a face and body highlighter or eye shadow. 

As it goes with most MAC makeup collections, there will be a few lip glasses.

The MAC lip glasses will be available in three shades which are Magic Carpet Ride (nude pink), Diamond In The Ruff (peach nude), and Jewels On Jewels (rusty wine red). These are meant to be layered on top of lipsticks to upgrade a matte or cream formula with high shine that hydrates. You could also wear the lip glasses alone like regular lip gloss or mix them for a custom shade if you dare. 

This is what the Magic Carpet Ride lip glass looks like on lips. 

Once again, the lip swatch looks off. The color still pops though! Magic Carpet Ride is a pink nude that you can wear with a matching lip pink liner or with classic brown liner. This is also a decent everyday lip look. 

Unfortunately, A LOT of beauty lovers still have strong critiques about the full collection.

One of the most popular critiques of the collection is that the brand went with colors that are too safe and do not fully reflect the beauty of the animated film — or the live-action for that matter.

"They should've at least added Jasmine's clothes color... and Abu's vest... and Iago colors... and Rajah's orange... and Rafiki's... oh wait, that's another movie," one fan joked.

The point is that Aladdin is a super colorful film that all but begs for a makeup collection to take advantage of that inspiration.

People are also still pointing out that there is another *color* issue with the bronzer. 

"Dang it ain’t dark enough," one person complained in the comments. Another person wrote, "I had high hopes that the bronzer was going to be darker," another person shared. 

Several other people complained that the bronzer is too dark for them.

"D*** it’s too dark for me.  When will company’s make bronzers and highlights for everyone? Especially for limited edition things," another fan wrote. 

The problem created only ONE bronzer for the collection. Creating one complexion product is always going to result in way too many people not being able to get that shade. A brand should release no less than three bronzers to cater to fair, medium, and deep skin tones. 

If you're obsessed with the colors provided in the Aladdin-inspired collection by MAC, then keep this release date in mind.

The collection will hit the MAC Cosmetics stores and online site on May 16! That's a little over two weeks away so prepare to hitch the magic carpet and scoop up this collection when it drops.