The trailer for the upcoming Maleficent movie dropped on Monday, and fans are flipping out over Angelina Jolie's new look. 

It's been five years since the successful premiere of the first movie. Now the story is continuing with the addition of superstar Michelle Pfeiffer as the Queen. Elle Fanning will reprise her role as Aurora. 

The villainous Disney movie turns the classic tale of good and evil on its head by telling a human story about one of the most evil antagonists in the Disney franchise. 

First, peep the trailer for the upcoming sequel. 

Maleficent: Mistress of Evil is a continuation of the first story, and is set several years later. The movie continues to explore the complicated relationship between Aurora and Maleficent that was first introduced in the initial Sleeping Beauty spinoff. 

The stunning special effects, costuming, and makeup are the key standouts in the trailer — plus, of course, the all-star cast that now includes Michelle Pfeiffer. Fans are holding their breath waiting for a face-off between the two iconic beauties: Jolie and Pfeiffer as their respective characters. 

Fans are already gushing over Jolie's look in the upcoming sequel. 

In the films, Maleficent is given redeeming qualities unlike her original interpretation in the 1959 Disney classic. She is a fairy who sought revenge after Aurora's family invaded and destroyed her home. In Maleficent, the titular character comes to love the princess after realizing she is the key to saving the kingdom and herself. 

The costume and makeup draw upon Jolie's already flawless features. The otherworldly being is depicted with over-the-top cheekbones and piercing eyes. Fans are obsessing over the look.

This costume, which feels a little more sultry than what fans are used to seeing the character in, is already a halloween costume prediction. 

One fan tweeted, "Every woman's Halloween outfit in 2019: confirmed." This skimpy look is an out-of-character ensemble that has fans freaking out. In the original Maleficent and in Sleeping Beauty, the villain is draped in cloaks. Now that this look has debuted, fans are so excited for what is to come in the upcoming Disney flick. Plus, the trailer already has fans thinking about how to replicate each and every killer costume.  

The movie was announced in May 2018 with this fantastical image of the actors' chairs on the dreamy set. 

Disney began production on this sequel just last year. The film is set to premiere October 18, right in time for Halloween. 

"#Maleficent2, starring Angelina Jolie, Elle Fanning, and Michelle Pfeiffer, is now in production," the film's Twitter account announced. Of course Fanning and Jolie would return to reprise their characters, but the addition of Pfeiffer was what really had fans screeching. 

The original film premiered in 2014 and introduced a new side to the villain. 

Iconic lines from the original Sleeping Beauty were featured in the spinoff about the film's antagonist. This scene is a clip from the first Maleficent and shows how Jolie was able to replicate the character's voice and mannerisms perfectly while still portraying a more "human" side to her. The upcoming sequel will give audiences an even deeper understanding of her character's past and what caused her to turn so evil. 

With the success of the first film, undoubtedly they would make a second. 

Some critics have been asking, why make a second Maleficent? This person on Twitter pointed out the success of the first film and how it's obvious that Disney would produce a sequel. 

"I'm not sure where the 'Why a sequel to #Maleficent?' takes are coming from — the first one had a $760 Million worldwide box-office, the biggest of Jolie's career. That thing made BANK." 

It's true, the first Maleficent made a cumulative $758 million, according to IMDB. Rather the question should be: What took so long? 

Fans can't wait for the two iconic actors to face-off in the film. 

One pop culture fan brushed off these two big box-office moments of 2019 for this upcoming one, "Avengers who? Star Wars what? This stare-off will be THE cinematic moment of 2019 for me. #maleficent"

Pfeiffer will play Queen Ingrith, Prince Phillip's mother. So she's technically Aurora's mother-in-law. 

Michelle Pfeiffer posted a sneak peek of her character. 

The famous star posted this sneak peek at her character's costume dripping in jewels. "A little tease of Queen Ingrith..." she captioned the shot on her Instagram. In the trailer it's clear she and Maleficent have some bad blood and tensions are running high. 

"There are many who prey on the innocent, I'm sure your kind would agree," Maleficent starts.

"If I didn't know better, I'd say you were making a threat," Queen Ingrith responds.

This behind-the-scenes shot of Fanning and Jolie in costume with sunglasses on was a great tease for what to expect from the actors. 

The duo first worked together in the original Maleficent, and now after five years they get to reprise their characters. From these photos, it's clear that time passing was not a problem for their relationship.

Fanning captioned the post, "It's bring your mom to work day on the #Maleficent2 set!!!!!" — a joke toward their characters' mother-daughter relationship. 

Elle Fanning has been on a roll lately, with plenty of other projects hitting this year. 

Fanning has been featured in a few upcoming and recently premiered movies this year. At this year's SXSW, her film Teen Spirit premiered. In the movie, Fanning plays a pop star who entered the business through a singing competition.

She will also star alongside Justice Smith in All the Bright Places, set to premiere later this year. 

Not to mention she starred with Peter Dinklage in I Think We're Alone Now, an apocalyptic sci-fi drama in September 2018.