You know what, quite frankly, is a giant pile of horse dung? The fact that, despite record-high demand, Marvel is still dragging its feet to produce women-led superhero films. Sure, we're finally getting Captain Marvel, which will hit theaters in mere days — but keep in mind her film is coming an entire decade after Scarlett Johansson's Black Widow debuted in the Marvel cinematic universe, and fans have been aching for her to have her own film since. 

Nevertheless, Marvel persists to deliver an overwhelming majority of (white) male lead characters time and time again rather than giving the audience what they want: women. Combine high consumer demand for women-led content with the fact that Marvel has an endless pool of strong and complex female characters to choose from, and there really is zero excuse for the blockbusting production studio to have waited until 2019 to give us a woman protagonist. I mean, even DC Comics, which fumbles consistently in the movie department, shocked and delighted the entire world with Wonder Woman in the summer of 2017.

So, Marvel executives, what are you waiting for? Now that Carol Danvers is on her way to the box office, why not pick more women-led movies from this group of incredible female characters below? If anything, this is really just business smarts at work.