The live-action Mulan has been majorly updated from the original animated movie, and fans are actually really happy about that.

The official trailer dropped and revealed a movie that looks action-packed not to mention authentic and respectful to Chinese culture. Disney has been churning out the live-action adaptations to tons of childhood classics, so 2020 is about to see a lot more real-life princesses. In Mulan's case, she's a total warrior. 

The latest trailer brought tears to many viewers' eyes and made everyone even more excited to see the movie on March 27, 2020.

The new trailer looks totally action-packed and heartwarming. 

Mulan is the epitome of a feminist Disney princess. She's one of the only Disney princesses to have a storyline about fighting her own battles and sticking up for her family, rather than just a romance. Some meaningful song lyrics have made their way into the dialogue, like when Mulan says she wants to "bring honor to her family."

The film features some really incredible Asian actors. 

Liu Yifei is playing the titular character, despite getting into some hot water after filming. The actress made some controversial comments about Hong Kong's police force after news of police brutality was circulating.

Meanwhile, the rest of the cast is fantastic, and many people were thrilled to see Chinese icon Gong Li as a new character in the film. Li has won many awards for her parts in a slew of internationally acclaimed movies. One fan gave Li the recognition she deserved on Twitter, "I see a lot of people dismissively referring to THE Gong Li in the #Mulan trailer as some 'shapeshifting witch' and what we won’t do is disrespect this Asian cinema icon in my house."

Mulan has long hair in the live-action version, which some people aren't sure about. 

So far, it seems like Mulan's iconic sword haircut didn't make the new movie. It's possible that they just haven't shown it in the trailer, so no need to freak just yet. Other parts of the animated version that have been cut include Mushu the talking dragon or Cricket, the musical aspect, and a romance with Shang. But these changes are actually a good thing as it shows a significant amount of respect for the culture and the original story.

Even though the musical moments from the animated version got cut, the songs can still be heard in the film's score. 

"Reflection" began playing at a pinnacle moment in the trailer and had everyone in tears. Many people on Twitter expressed how emotional they got hearing the instrumental music in the trailer. One person shared an emotional Kermit meme to get that point across. They wrote, "Hearing the reflection instrumental in the trailer #Mulan."

The film is totally culturally appropriate, and the cast is all Chinese. 

So far most of the live-action adaptations have been direct translations from the animated movies. This film looks like a totally unique retelling and it stars Chinese actors. Thankfully, no more whitewashing. One person tweeted, "No Scarlett Johansson in sight, but rather a stellar, Asian star ensemble cast! The trailer made me tear up and swell with pride with an actual live-action adaption (that seems unique and worth watching) of my favourite childhood film!"