A couple months back, the internet was in an uproar over Will Smith's Genie in the upcoming live-action Aladdin remake, all because he wasn't colored blue like the original. However, Smith quelled people's fears and promised fans his character would indeed be blue.

And as it turns out, he wasn't lying! Disney unveiled a brand-new trailer for the Aladdin remake and it features Smith in his full genie makeup. But now people are fussing over the blue look as well. It seems fans will never be satisfied with Genie's look, proving that maybe some films should just stay as cartoons.

In December, the first photos of the cast in the live-action Aladdin remake were revealed. Aside from the short teaser trailer, it was the first glimpse fans got into the whole new world.

But people were not exactly thrilled with the look of the characters. More specifically, they tore Will Smith's Genie apart. The biggest complaint was that he wasn't blue like the original Genie, voiced by Robin Williams. 

Disney shut down those critics, however, by dropping its first official trailer on Sunday night, featuring a very blue Genie.

The trailer aired during the 61st annual Grammy Awards yet still managed to steal people's attention — but not necessarily in a good way.

Some of the shots, like this one of Aladdin (played by Mena Massoud) peering into the Cave of Wonders, were utterly breathtaking

For those who need a refresher, the Cave of Wonders is that lion-head cave with the deep, creepy voice. Inside is a mysterious realm where Aladdin finds Genie's lamp.

There's a colorful shot of a celebration in the streets, which is most likely part of that show-stopping "Prince Ali" sequence.

Make way for Prince Ali! This sequence in the original film was a fan favorite, so fingers crossed they do it justice!

Naomi Scott looks absolutely incredible as Jasmine, but we already knew that!

Scott told The Hollywood Reporter that her take on Jasmine emphasizes her leadership skills. "You really get in this adaptation of the movie that her heart is for her people, and her main objective is what’s best for her kingdom," she said. "And you really get a sense that she has those leadership qualities within her."

Oh, and of course we get a glimpse of hot Jafar, played by Marwan Kenzari.

When the first photos were released from the film, fans were rooting for evil due to their thirst for Kenzari's Jafar. 

But most important, we finally saw Smith's Genie in his full makeup and floating glory. He is ... very blue.

"You really don't know who I am?" Smith's Genie asks Aladdin. "Genie? Wishes? Lamp? None of that ringing a bell?"

As one could probably guess, fans were full of jokes.

Many people were quick to compare Smith's Genie to Shrek from Shrek the musical — you know, except he's blue and not green.

The comparison tweets took over the internet.

Some compared him to Arrested Development's Tobias Fünke, who aspired to be a member of the Blue Man Group.

Some fans said he'd fit right in with the Blue Man Group.

"I didn't know the Blue Man Group was playing the Genie. I mean, that would explain why there are only three wishes though," one person said on Twitter.

One fan even had a theory that they painted Smith blue at the last minute to reshoot after the criticism.

"I feel like because of how many complaints there were that Will Smith wasn’t blue in the new Aladdin live action, they reshot him to look more like the cartoon last minute and this is what we got," the fan wrote on Twitter.

But if we're being honest, is there even a right way to make a human look like a Genie?

No matter what Disney did with Smith's Genie, at the end of the day, he was bound to look bizarre. 

Watch the full trailer below and see all the characters for yourself.

Regardless of whether you support the live-action remake or not, you have to admit it looks gorgeous. You know, besides Smith as a floating blue guy.

Aladdin hits theaters May 24, 2019.

It will definitely be interesting to see whether OG Aladdin fans flood the theaters to witness Smith's Genie in all his floating glory or if they pass altogether. Only time will tell!