Sending flowers and roses is a touching way to show your love, but to go above and beyond for the black-hearted goth in your life, try these specialized Nightmare Before Christmas blooms from Roseshire

Birthdays, anniversaries, and holidays are a great time to show appreciation for the ones you love, and Halloween is no different, right? These red or white roses come with a tribute to the movie, and are delivered in a handcrafted coffin decorated with Jack Skellington himself. 

The luxury rose company based in California is definitely pretty pricey, but the gorgeous arrangement is worth every penny. There are also other Disney-themed rose boxes based on the classic princess movies.

Roseshire, $205

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The jaw-dropping display comes in a handcrafted coffin that features Jack Skellington and Sally, plus a note written in beautiful script and sealed with red wax to maximize the luxury. The box holds 20 roses and an exotic thistle based on a scene from the movie. The price is steep, but that's because every box is handmade and holds quality roses kept in pristine condition throughout the delivery process. 

There are two color options, red and white, but they both come with Sally's thistle. 

In two scenes of the movie, Sally holds a thistle that matches the one in the arrangement almost perfectly. The white and red roses available have been monitored every step of the way. As one could guess, Roseshire only handles roses in its floral shop, so they have perfected the growing process. 

The coffin is a collector's item and is built from scratch. 

Unlike the other boxes, this one is specially designed to look like a coffin straight out of the Tim Burton film. Jack Skellington is featured on the front of the box, but when opened, he and Sally stand together. The greeting card also features an image from the movie of Sally holding her thistle in the snow. 

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